Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All About Austin

This post is all about my Bubba!

He is pretty much the sweetest thing
and I just can't stand how much I love him.

Austin has some serious personality these days,
and we are constantly cracking up at him.
He is the perfect mix of sweet & sensitive, 
but loves to rough house,  play with trains/cars 
& currently wants to be a garbage man.

Buying a toy with the money he earned doing chores

My favorite part of having a toddler are the funny sayings they come up with.
When I tell him to do something I can get any of the following:
 "Mom, are you serious right now?"
"I'm just a little super tired."
"Are you kidding me?"
"But Mom, you have to be nice to me because you're my best friend."

I've also caught him saying some 'bad words' and here is the current list that he knows not to say:
-butt- we only say bum
-freaking.. he has only said this one a few times, but it's a definite bad word!
-idiot- I might have a little road rage & the word just slips!
-dang it- This was only added because it sounded like an actual bad word when he says it
-fat- We don't call people fat!
-stupid- That one might be me too...
If I ever say a bad word,
he quickly corrects me and threatens time out.

This summer Austin had his first ER visit when he broke his leg!
We were at his cousins house and all the kids were jumping on the trampoline together.
Austin started crying & none of us knew how he got hurt but he refused to walk and kept saying his leg hurt. We went home and we both thought he was probably being a little dramatic and would be fine. That night ended up being a little rough and I started to worry. The next morning his leg had no bruises or swelling but he still wouldn't walk. When we tried to bribe him with donuts and it didn't work, we knew it was time to take him in!
After taking him in and getting x-rays, we found out he had a compression fracture near his knee. They think when he was jumping he landed on his leg straight down, instead of bending it, which compressed the bone down. He was a trooper and loved all the attention!

He had this on all weekend and couldn't walk on it, which meant I was carrying him everywhere!
(In the hospital and then home, trying to play with his toys!)

The next week we went to see the doctor and he picked out a 'cougar blue' cast! 
Daddy was proud.

I drew a 'Y' on it. He loved it!

We endured 3 weeks of sponge baths, hobbling everywhere &
no swimming at Nana's 

The cast ended up being easier than I thought, until you throw barf into the equation. Throwing up & casts don't mix well. Austin wasn't feeling good, so I put him on my bed & before I knew it, he is projectile vomiting all over himself. I grabbed the closest blanket and wrapped up his leg because all I could think about was smelling dried vomit for the next 3 weeks.
So I'm standing there with Austin, puke everywhere and Kayla screaming hysterically. I know a sponge bath just won't do, so I run Austin to the tub and position him so the leg is propped up. I'm trying to wash him while holding his leg up & before I get a chance to grab Kayla, she climbs/tumbles into the tub filled with puke...
wasn't my finest moment. 

The day his cast came off

The cast came off just in time to cheer for our cougars with Daddy!

And he started Joy School in September &
he loves it!

Here is his first day of school

he was so excited!

They have singing time,

little lessons, crafts, playtime and snack time.
It's only 2 times a week from 9:30 to noon but it was harder for me to drop him off than I thought! He is just getting so big.

Here is 'news time' and he is telling about his cast coming off.

And this was day 2 of school,
and he decided to be not so excited.

I just love my sweet Bubba and I can't believe how fast 3, almost 4 years have gone by!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Updates

Summer has come and gone,
but I'm so thrilled for fall and cool weather!

Here are some of the highlights of our summer, a quick little catch up.
I have a few good stories that I just might save for their own post.

Nick turned 29... that's rough!

He's not a fan of cake, so I try to get creative each year. 
This year we did Captain Crunch Rice Krispy treats.
They were interesting!

Happy Father's Day!

Austin was so excited to make this card and we filled it with everything he loves about Daddy- so sweet!

We worked on some dressing skills...

and how to be sweet to baby Kayla.

We were super excited to see Cars 2,

but hated it.

(seriously, not good!)

We did lots of playing inside because it was so dang hot!

(Austin with his cousin Elaina)

Kayla got her first little tooth,

and became a total Momma's girl!
Poor Daddy.

We got some new appliances!
Out with the old,

in with the new!
I love everything! The fridge is my favorite! 
I love the space from the french doors and totally love the freezer on bottom.

We did run into some difficulties with the dishwasher..
it didn't fit!

It fit into the dishwasher hole, but the lip on the front of the counter was just a hair too long to squeeze it under.
So Nick had a fix for that,
cut the counter off!

I was a little nervous about the results...

(Isn't that some pretty sweet linoleum back there?)

But it's a great temporary fix!
We are planning a whole kitchen remodel that includes new counter tops, 
so this will do for a few more months.

The rest of the summer was spent at Nana's pool, 
and Austin learned how to swim from our sweet friend Jacquelyn!
He is doing so great and loves swimming!

Austin is also practicing a little modeling,
(just kidding, but I love this picture he had me take!)

and Kayla just keeps getting bigger with another tooth to show!

Overall the summer was pretty great, 
and I feel like one lucky Momma to have such sweet babies and hubby!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Our family has been quite busy this year,
(well, maybe all the busy time really happened last year..)
but between March and May we gained 5 new nieces and nephews!

How is this even possible?? 
Let me introduce you to all of our new additions!

Baby #1
Clark Loftis Sheffield
(Lisa & Clinton's 2nd baby- Nick's sister)

March 14th at 6:38pm
8lbs 8oz and 22 inches long

Baby #2
Reese Dream Weaver
(Chris & Sally's 4th baby- Nick's brother)

March 30th at 11:11 am
7 lbs and 19 inches long

Baby #3
Elaina Noelle Harris
(Houston & Cristina's 1st baby- my brother)

April 8th at 2:29pm
7lbs and 20 1/2 inches long

Baby #4
Jackson Clark Reese
(Chelsey & Jeff's 1st baby- Nick's sister)

May 17th at 4:05 pm
8lbs 2oz and 20 inches long

Baby #5
Haylie Jo Harris
(Forrest's 1st baby- my brother)

May 26th at 1:57 pm
9lbs 9oz and 26 inches long

Whoa Baby!
The Weaver/Harris's have decided to take a break for awhile,
but only until Nov when the newest little man will join the family.
Chelsea and Nate's little Charlie is coming then and we can't wait!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Double Whammy

This year my birthday happen to fall on the same day as Mother's Day!
Nick treated me extra special, 
and Austin was super confused on what to wish me all day.

I also loved getting asked by people if my birthday was always on Mother's day...
yes, every year my birthday is the 2nd Sunday in May.

Nick was so great and woke me up to breakfast in bed!

My favorite part is the rose delicately draped across the plate...
He is too cute.

Nick is known for his always giving me awesome gifts,
but today he made me wait till dinner to get my present!
I was so excited.

The kids joined us too!

After church we went to my Mom and Dad's for a Mother's Day/Bday dinner that my Dad cooked.
It was so good!

Austin playing Angry Birds... he is obsessed.
I just get weirded out when he knows how to search for a Thomas movie on YouTube all by himself!

My sweet Kayla..

and my not so sweet Kayla.

Austin and Duke are best friends

 it's pretty cute to watch them together!

My mom tries her hardest to convince me to like Duke,
but after having to dog sit that over-sized anteater...
I just don't see it happening.

But I do love living so close to both of our families!

Houston and Cristina at dinner- 
I think they look pretty great for having a newborn AND surviving law school finals!

My Mom made these cute cupcakes and my Dad made a delish Italian Creme Cake for the dinner.
Thanks for sharing your day with me Mommy and Cristina!

My kids seriously love their Uncle FoFo!

and after dinner I got to get my present from the hubby!
I wish I had a picture of me hugging the box,
I was so excited!!!

He got me a......

Dyson DC25 vacuum!

oh yeah, baby!
Is it weird that I turned 24 & thrilled that I got a vacuum?
Well, I'm just livin' the dream and stayed up till midnight rockin' out with my vacuum.

The next night I got some birthday love at Pappasitos!

The staff sang Happy Birthday and told the whole restaurant I was turning 21,
do I still look 21??

Me and newest sexy momma Cristina

me & my sweet friend/cousin Chelsea who is prego with the newest family member...
and is Momma to Kayla's bf Sadie.
(trying to do the math on how close her babies will be? That's 13 months people!)

Love you Chels!

I had such a great birthday this year and always am reminded of how lucky I am!

Happy Mother's Day!