Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Austin had his first Halloween and he was so adorable. He was a horse this year, which I thought the costume was pretty obvious but apparently I was wrong! He was called a cow, dog or donkey all night long- who dresses their baby up as a donkey? He actually did really well in the costume and would crawl around for us so we could have a good laugh at our little horsey (not donkey)! We went to the Sugar Land trunk or treat and had so much fun! My parents stole him from us and went to all the cars to fill up his little candy bucket while Nick and I socialized. When I found him this is what he had...

his first sucker! Of course the grandparents gave it to him and made me take it away- he was so mad at me when I took it out of his little fingers :( After that we went to Chris and Sally's house to eat pizza and watch "scary" movies. The movie was scary until the end, which is fine with me cause I am alone all week and don't need another scary movie to freak me out. All in all it was a great Halloween and here are some more pictures from our night.