Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Christmas is over and surprisingly if feels soo good! Usually I am a little depressed when Christmas comes to an end, but this year it has felt a little more like a marathon to get there. I also have so many things coming up...I still have no time to breathe. This Christmas was so fun and eventful, I guess I just feel fulfilled!

Nick and I do every other year with the family festivities and this year it was all about the Weavers! Here is Nick and I sitting by the fire at his Dad's house on Christmas Eve

In their family, Christmas Eve tradition is to eat cold cut sandwiches, which were delicious and then make a 'Jesus cake' honoring the birth of Christ- a Jesus Birthday Cake! It is a tradition I still giggle at but know I will continue to carry out with my kids because not only is it fun, but it gives them an opprotunity to celebrate his birthday in their perspective (if that makes sense?). Here is a picture of a few of Teresa's kids that came down this year.

Austin and Daddy making/eating their cake

The Weaver house was a little bit crazy this year with all the people. The final tally came to 27 adults & kids + 5 babies under 2yrs that still were in highchairs! I wish I had gotten more pictures of the festivities but I guess that detail got lost in the shuffle of things over there. Here was the tree Christmas morning before all the presents got passed out.

We all opened our gifts one by one, which didn't exactly work out that way but we tried! It is always fun to watch people open the gifts you got them. Here is Austin waiting for his presents.

After the Weaver house we moved onto my mom's house for an afternoon session of opening gifts. It was nice to spend time with family all day. Here is my mom's tree

Forrest and Sarah waiting to open their pile!

They bought eachother the same movie- so cute!

Here is the jacket I bought Cristina from Banana Republic- one of my favorite Christmas finds!

One of Sarah's house decor presents we got her

Austin finally showing some excitment over a present! He was sick on Christmas Eve and day with a nasty chest cold, so opening gifts with him was more torture than exciting. Poor little guy...

my hubby and I

Forrest and Sarah right after she opening her big present, the beautiful necklace!

After presents at the Harris house we rushed back to the Weavers' in time for Christmas dinner, which was soo good. I think any meal is good if you finish it off with 6 different kinds of pie!

Here is my second favorite gift of the day.. The new mixer I wanted to bad- thanks Nick! He did good this year with all the fun stuff he picked out.

The shoes! I think Nick's family was a little shocked when I opened these shoes and I screamed in excitement...guess they are a little different but I love them.

The BEST gift of the whole day...

Nick passed the CPA!! It is nationwide exam you have to take to be a certified accountant...and it ain't easy to do!

I guess he found out a few days before Christmas and kept it in to surprise me. It was the best present ever and I might have cried a little when I opened it :) We have had this test hanging over our head/studying for it for almost 2 years and it is done! Now Nick will actually come home from work instead of staying to study until 11pm every night!

Overall our Christmas was so great. I loved seeing all the family that flew in town and feeling the holiday cheer!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to All!

I think Austin is gettin' pretty excited about Christmas this year...

I even caught him opening one of his presents from Great Grandaddy Jim this week. (Don't worry grandpa- I taped it up and put it back under the tree!)

I took some last pictures of our sad tree with all the pretty presents under it before they got taken to all the different locations- Christmas afternoon is always so sad with all the presents gone.

can't forget about Harley!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here are the pictures from Kate's all Pink Ballerina Party! It was lots of prep, work and stress but I loved how it all turned out. If you missed the invites, they are in the previous post!

Here is the food room

Some of the food and details on the table...

I think the pretzel sticks were my favorite thing we made.

The birthday girl!

The living room

Chelsea, Kate and I. I couldn't have pulled off all the decor without Chelsea- thank you so much!!

At the party, we ate

put make-up on

played musical chairs, but the girls had to do ballerina moves while the music was on. It was so cute!

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I made a little bit of a silly purchase.
I was at GAP and found some pjs on clearance...
and I was so enticed by the price of $5.96, I just bought them.
I mean you never find pjs for that price, especially at GAP (in my defense).
It wasn't till I put them on him that I realized how silly this purchase was.

and when Nick saw them, he just warned me that he was never allowed to leave the house in these pjs.
I guess now isn't a good time to tell him I also bought the same pair in 3T and another rainbow variation in 2T.
They were $5.96!!! I was so blinded by the price!
(did I mention they are non returnable....)

On a more girly note....
I do have a little sneak peek of Kate's 7th birthday party this Saturday. It is going to be decked out in all PINK and ballerina!!

The invites I made (the typed portion was ordered from the TomKat Studio)

lots of pink tulle and a fun banner...

and 8+ of these hanging all around the room. (they look a little sad in the pic, but with a little poof after we hang them I think it will look great!)

more pictures to come after the party!