Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mckayla Lynne

Stop the press… my blog is actually being updated.

I did have a baby & survived it.

But as far as surviving 2 kids- the jury is still out on that.

Needless to say, I have lots of updating to do but I will just keep posting every few days until I get all caught up.
First, it is all about baby Kayla and her birth story… Cristina writes about it from her perspective here.
(yes she was in the room and witnessed the whole thing...poor girl)

The last update I posted was when I got to the doctor and had dilated to a 4... well that didn't last too long. I think that same day I posted, I ended up going back to see my doc because I was having some contractions but more back pain. When he checked me I was already dilated to a 5, so he figured it was time to check into the hospital and get this show on the road. Because I had hit my 36 week mark that Sunday, they weren't too concerned about having her come 4 weeks early... neither was I!

me and the girls at the hospital waiting it out

ready to be uncles for the 2nd time!

As I had mentioned before, my labor and delivery with Austin was pretty much a miracle baby- no pain. And I had hoped to experience the same with Mckayla... ha, didn't really happen that way.

I checked into the hospital in the afternoon and it wasn't until the evening that I got my epidural after enduring minor contractions for a few hours. I hate getting the epidural, whoever says it doesn't hurt- you're a liar.

The rest of the night went by pretty normal, no pain from contractions but things were progressing pretty slowly. Around 1:15am the nurse came in to check me again and I was getting pretty close by my water hadn't broke yet. That is the last memory I have of my peaceful labor experience..

My water broke almost immediately after she left the room and all the sudden I could feel EVERYTHING. It was like I never had an epidural. The nurse ran back in the room and baby Kayla was crowning away, while I am yelling that it hurts and hitting the handheld epidural button over and over again..until the nurse took it away and said it doesn't work like that.

The pain was almost unbearable and all your body wants to do is push.. in the worst way possible. But you can't, not until the doctor gets there. So for a good 10 mins I just sit there sobbing and asking where the doctor is and at one point yell at the nurse to, "Get Duc in here!!" Dr. Le's name is Duc.. I kind of love it.

He shows up and 2-3 pushes later Mckayla comes out!

Mckayla Lynne
born on September 30th
1:54 a.m. at a petite 5 lbs 15 ounces

she has a serious diva cry

our little cheeseball.
I think all newborn babies look funny for awhile, but when it's yours.. you could just eat them up!

such a sweet picture of Daddy and his little girl.

proud Nana

Papi and Uncle Houston

sweet Aunt Cris'nana'

I love those mischievous eyes...something new to torture, besides me.

morning after and I am in love with her!

Goals for Baby #3... if we ever get to that point.

1. find the doctor that gave me Austin's epidural, because that one actually worked.

2. Have the baby in the afternoon. Austin was born in the middle of the night too, at 1:50 am . Having a baby during the day & not be dead tired sounds magical.

3. stay in the hospital until they kick me out. I always beg to get released and go home.. and I immediately regret it when I step in the house and have no nurse call button on my bed.

Seriously hard to believe that was 2 months ago and lots has happened since then. She is so wonderful and I can't imagine our family without her!