Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Updates

Summer has come and gone,
but I'm so thrilled for fall and cool weather!

Here are some of the highlights of our summer, a quick little catch up.
I have a few good stories that I just might save for their own post.

Nick turned 29... that's rough!

He's not a fan of cake, so I try to get creative each year. 
This year we did Captain Crunch Rice Krispy treats.
They were interesting!

Happy Father's Day!

Austin was so excited to make this card and we filled it with everything he loves about Daddy- so sweet!

We worked on some dressing skills...

and how to be sweet to baby Kayla.

We were super excited to see Cars 2,

but hated it.

(seriously, not good!)

We did lots of playing inside because it was so dang hot!

(Austin with his cousin Elaina)

Kayla got her first little tooth,

and became a total Momma's girl!
Poor Daddy.

We got some new appliances!
Out with the old,

in with the new!
I love everything! The fridge is my favorite! 
I love the space from the french doors and totally love the freezer on bottom.

We did run into some difficulties with the dishwasher..
it didn't fit!

It fit into the dishwasher hole, but the lip on the front of the counter was just a hair too long to squeeze it under.
So Nick had a fix for that,
cut the counter off!

I was a little nervous about the results...

(Isn't that some pretty sweet linoleum back there?)

But it's a great temporary fix!
We are planning a whole kitchen remodel that includes new counter tops, 
so this will do for a few more months.

The rest of the summer was spent at Nana's pool, 
and Austin learned how to swim from our sweet friend Jacquelyn!
He is doing so great and loves swimming!

Austin is also practicing a little modeling,
(just kidding, but I love this picture he had me take!)

and Kayla just keeps getting bigger with another tooth to show!

Overall the summer was pretty great, 
and I feel like one lucky Momma to have such sweet babies and hubby!