Monday, March 8, 2010

Inspiration Room

I have been in the transition of getting Austin's new room ready for when we move him out of the crib. As you know, he turned 2 about a month ago and I think I want to make the transition early this summer so the nursery can be free for whenever a new baby joins the family and Austin isn't so devastated. All I have to say is that I hope child #2 is a boy so I don't have to change a thing in that room. I am so used to the boyish feel it has and the blue color, it would just make me sad to paint over it (because you know any girl of mine with be surrounded with everything pink and plush!) Here are a few pics of his room taken a forever ago....

see those unfilled picture frames? They still are blank...I am kinda bad at that!

My favorite parts of the nursery- the handmade crib made by my talented father-in-law and the wall shelf that Nick and his dad put together.

the only thing my nursery is missing is this chair with matching ottoman...
I told Nick it is a non-optional purchase if I get prego again :) I even donated the rocker chair that I used with Austin to ensure it would become a necessity.

For Austin's new room I found this picture in the Pottery Barn magazine (oh how I love that place) that I am using as my "inspiration" picture. Austin is in love with anything cars or truck related and this room is so perfect.

I found a big old fashion red truck to hang on his wall that I picked up from Hobby Lobby and got some cute car sheets to go on the bunk beds from Target (since we all can't afford Pottery Barn!) I also want to try out bead board on the wall and paint the upper half a warm coco color. Now if I can get Nick on board....

I also LOVE this picture and wish I could use it, but the rooms in this house are just a little too small. Maybe for house #2!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Vacation

Today I am off for a little vacation until Saturday to the beautiful San Diego with my friend Chelsea and without my rugrat Austin!!!!!! The plan is to have no plan. Beaches- all day. Restaurants- whenever we are up for eating & NO highchairs. Malls...well no comment cause Nick peeks at my posts every so often. I will also see a few old friends and I just can't wait.

If you're thinking how I can talk Nick into this, you just need to be married to a husband that is beyond obsessed with golf. He takes a yearly trip to Utah with his brothers for 5+ days and play 2 rounds a day...not to mention he plays every, single Saturday morning. Someone please tell me that is isn't normal to have your husband take 5 hrs out of your Saturday (the one day with them) to play golf. He makes it sound like every man does this......
So we have a little arrangement that I can go on a little getaway every year he goes to Utah- only fair, right?

Have a great week, I know I will!