Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Wedding

The wedding weekend went great and we are so excited that Chelsey is happily married. We met Jeff this week and he is just perfect for her, plus he fits into our fun/weird family so great. They are adorable together and I think it made the whole family more excited for the wedding when we got see them together and know that it just fit. Here is a run down of the weekend and them I am just attaching a link to my facebook pictures to see her wedding. On Friday morning Chelsey went through the temple and the whole Weaver family was there, except Sally. Brooke refused to continue taking a bottle about a month ago and Sally just couldn't leave her that long, we missed her.
The temple session was GREAT but no event goes without a good story. It was a bit chaotic getting to the temple in the morning because we had to meet Brodie at the Target parking lot to give him Austin after his pool route, who was meeting Jennika on her way to work to get Brayden, while Chris is wanting to meet somewhere to car pool together. All of this is getting figured out and Jeff is in our car getting a call from Chelsey saying that he was supposed to come early, while I am on the phone with the EZ tag trying to get Sally's old EZ tag in the Maxima reactivated in our name so we can take the toll road into town!'s the unplanned Weaver way. But it gets better. Chris isn't at Target to meet us so we call to find out that he is still at home tearing their house apart with Sally cause he lost BOTH of their recommends. We head out without him and Nick and I realize that our recommends aren't those new updated ones and Jeff tells us he had a hard time getting in with his old one 3 months ago. We are half way there, Chris still hasn't even left and laughs saying, "It's lookin' like Chelsey might be going through alone.." But as always, it some how all works out- we made it on time, got in and Chris makes it right in time to join us. It turned out to be a great day.
On Saturday they got sealed in the morning, then a family luncheon and a reception at the Young's house. At the sealing, we were all seated and waiting and it was taking forever for Jeff and Chelsey to come in- I never remember waiting that long....So Nick leans over to me and whispers, "If she backs out, I'm goin to play golf today" and he is totally serious. Who says that!? I hit him- hard. The luncheon was my favorite part cause Chelsey wanted each of us to stand and say a little something and some funny stories came out about Chelsey. We were all having a good time. All in all it was a great weekend and we are so happy for you Chels!!! Have a happy life and a wonderful marriage!

Here are the pictures.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Weaver Wedding!!

So this post is all about my sister-in-law Chelsey, who is the final chapter of the Weaver weddings and we couldn't be more excited for her. She is marrying a guy she met in her BYU ward named Jeff, who seems to make her so happy and perfect for her, so we like him. Nick and I actually have never met him, but I did interview him on the phone for her shower... so we have "voice" met. He seemed so easy going and funny, we can't wait to meet him next week before the wedding.
One of Chelsey's benefits of having everyone married in the family is she gets lots of "advice" and "tips" from Lisa, Sally, Ruthie, Teresa and I. She decided that along with her bridal shower she wanted to have a girl's night out with the family. It was such a great idea and everyone had so much fun- it is rare that we are all in the same town together these days. So that night we all went out to BJ's and then back to my house for some girls time. Nick was kicked out of the house for the night with Austin- but he came home too early so all of us girls banished him to the bedroom! As much as I love Nick, we were just having too much fun. We played a few tell all games, opened presents and had some good healthy snacks cause Chels is on the bride-to-be diet that we all can relate to when your engaged. Here are some pictures...even baby Brooke was invited, we just covered her ears!

A few nights after the girl's shower, Lynn Moore gave her a beautiful bridal shower. She had lots of friends and family come with some great gifts. Don't you miss the wedding gifts? New, expensive kitchen stuff just handed to you left and right- it's the best. I also had a game for Chelsey where I interviewed Jeff and asked her a bunch of questions, it was fun for her and me cause I got to know him better! But in my opinion the BEST part of the shower was someones brilliant idea to get chips, queso and salsa from Pappasitos. It was so good- Sally and I pretty much ate all of it while Chelsey was busy opening gifts.

From what she has told/showed me, the wedding plans are going great- stay tuned for some pics from the wedding next weekend!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Austin's Crib!

Austin's Grandpa (Nick's Dad), promised us he was going to build a crib for Austin back when he found out we were pregnant. We were so excited to have something made by his Grandpa that we can use for all the kiddos and pass through the generations. Grandpa Weaver took on the project and worked for months and months late into the night to get this crib done. Meanwhile Austin has been in a little cradle, which was fine when he was a newborn, but after we got back from vacation he had enough of the little bed! We had him in a pack and play the whole vacation, which is probably twice the size of this cradle and Austin never wanted to go back. He would wake up in the middle of the night with both legs sticking through the bars, crying in frustration. When he didn't feel like sleeping and would roll onto his belly, his little eyes could peek over the edge! It was time to move on up...

When he was a newborn in the cradle. I can't believe he was so small!

This is still back in June

We were so excited to get the crib and it is even more beautiful then I expected. It looks like it cost us hundreds of dollars, but all made from hand so it is nicer then any cribs in the stores! I think Austin thinks he is in heaven too, he just rolls back and forth and turns around in the crib, it's a mansion to him!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Top 5

So the title to this blog is a continuation of the last post- remember how I said our vacation had a few mishaps? Well since this was our yearly vacation and wasn't too cheap, I am not going to dwell on all the negatives and just made a Top 5 list to share- mostly because I think it's pretty entertaining. Note: this list goes in no order from worst to worstest (?), just in order of actual events in the vacation.

1. United Airlines
Our plane ride up to Utah was almost as bad as ripping toenails out one by one. Well maybe not that bad- but just hideous. It wasn't a direct flight and had a lay-over in Denver for 2 hours, which isn't horrible but I will never fly a non direct flight again with a child. Anyways- once we got to Denver we were already pretty worn out with the baby but only to find out our connection was CANCELLED! We were so ticked because they claimed the plane was malfunctioned, whatever that means. Closely after finding that out they claimed that they had "found" a plane to take us on to Salt Lake but it would be an extra few hours. First off, how do they just find a plane, like is their just an excess of planes everywhere? So we went and sat at our gate and were grouped with a bunch of dead beat teenagers right out of high school that were reporting for their first training in the military. These kids were all so so weird- tattooed, pierced, cussing, some drunk, girls that had shaved their head and probably had no interest in men....yeah. So as we are getting on the plane, we just so happened to be surrounded by them with one drunk guy behind us. The first thing he said to me was asking if we could stow Austin up above with the carry-ons. Then half way into the flight he saw me rubbing Nick's neck and asked me if I could give him a neck massage..... Then on Nick's flight home his connection in Denver was cancelled again because of a malfunction with no excess of planes anywhere to get him home. He had to spend the night in Denver and catch a flight at 6:00am Monday morning. Never fly United.

2. Golf
So half of Nick and my vacation was not together, he was playing golf somewhere and would stay the nights up in Salt Lake. In his defense this was approved by me as we planned the Utah trip, but I had no idea what I was committing to. It was so hard to be out with family and friends and be away from Nick, with no break from Austin. I know I would have been able to handle it if he had come back home every night to help put him to bed and give me a little break. By the end of the first week I was close to going insane feeling like Nick was having a great vacation and I was just doing the same stuff in a different location, which makes daily routines more complicated. On top of that Austin was way more fussy during the day then usual, but for a reason that brings me to....

3. Austin's First Tooth
Now this isn't a bad thing but like I said, he was way more cranky on the vacation. Once we felt it breaking though I medicated it much better and he acted like normal. But before that it was frustrating for him to be acting fussy when I usually can predict him to be on good behavior! Austin is such a good baby and not that I am totally selfish because I did feel bad his gums were sore! Here is a cute picture of his little tooth!

4. Zoe Died
During the time in Cedar my parents decided that Zoe had seen her last days. She was getting so old and acting skiddish- so it was for the best. But it just had to be when I was there that they decided to kill her. We have had Zoe since she was just a little bitty puppy and all our family memories include her- I was really sad but know it was right. I was selfish and told my mom I wasn't going with her to murder our dog, so she had to go to the vet's by herself. She stayed with Zoe while they gave her the sedative telling her she was loved and a good dog until she was fast asleep. She then left because she didn't want to be there when the vet gave her the murder drugs. Poor Zoe- we love you.

5. The BUG of all Bugs

While we were in Brian Head for the girl's weekend my cousins tell us that they had a "nasty" bug a few days ago but were over it and felt find. Nasty isn't much of a word to describe this bug, more like disgusting death. They described the symptoms to me and it sounded exactly like the one I got on Christmas Eve this year. It lasts 24 hours of barfing your guts and and spewing from other areas. I remember not being able to hold down small pieces of ice for more then 15 mins and having to run to the bathroom to sit on the toilet while leaning into the tub to throw up at the same time. The worst part of it is you have no warning symptoms, like my Aunt who got it the first night we were there. We were all playing cards and decided it was time for bed, all was well and 5 mins later my Aunt is in the bathroom- it had begun. It also spreads like wildfire... taking down it's victims quickly. At Christmas Sally had given it to me, who got it from Chris and I gave it to Nick, Clark and Teresa. So the next night at the cabin I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and found my mom in the bathroom. I think the only reason Austin and I didn't get it was cause I already had it and then gave Austin my immunity through breast milk- see that breastfeeding has come in handy! So for the next 2 days my poor mom was so tired and weak and I tried to take care of her while keeping a distance. Austin and I entertained each other in good ol' Cedar!

So there it is. I did have a wonderful vacation, despite the mishaps and I thought I would share.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Utah Vacation

Nick and I recently had our first "vacation" together as a family.....lets just say we learned lots of things to help make our future vacations go smoother. I will first start with all the great, fun things that happened while on vacation and then we can go over a few of the um... mishaps. We flew in Tuesday together into Salt Lake and went straight from the airport to visit our friends Lisa & Brandon. It was so great to see them, they adopted a little baby about a month after Austin was born and quickly found out that she was pregnant as well. She is due this November, so her babies will be 8 months apart!! She couldn't have looked cuter with the little belly and Nick and I are so excited for them.

We then headed down to stay with Houston and Cristina in Orem for the remainder of the week in Utah. Wednesday Nick left super early and I didn't see him until Friday afternoon because he spent the week in Salt Lake golfing with his brothers. During that time I got to spend time with so many great friends and family that I have missed so much. I spent a whole day with Janey, which was so much fun it actually made me sad I lived in Texas. Our babies played together on the floor, rolling into each other and laughing really hard. It was the most adorable thing ever. We then went to Wal Mart to visit all the old friends and co-workers and then headed to the famous Cafe Rio for a late lunch. The talking and laughing was non-stop, which made me super sad to leave that evening. I miss you Janey!!!!

I spent the nights at home with Stina, which was so much fun!! I don't think we have had one on one girls time in a really long time, which was pretty much what we did all of senior year. So every evening she would send Houston on his way to work and I would get Austin down and in bed, then it was just us! She introduced to me some really great 80's movies, which made it even better to watch their horrible clothes and hairstyles. We had sonic runs, popcorn and fun chats- once they move down here we can start making it a tradition and leave the babies with the boys!

An old Prom pic of Stina, Halie and I!

Another day was spent with Julie, who I miss so so much. Stina, Julie and I all went to Zupas for lunch but had to drop Stina off to school right after. During that time Julie and I ran errands together and went to her apartment. It was so much fun to see her again and have fun like how things were when we lived together. The summer before I got married Julie and I lived together, worked together, had the same gym membership and when we weren't doing those things we were either swimming or shopping together. It was some of my fondest memories at BYU. It was so great to catch up with her and I can't wait to see her soon!
I also got to see Kylie, Kevin & HolliJo and some other close friends, I miss them all! I wish I could have spent more time with Houston but with him working overnights it was a bit harder. He was really sweet with Austin and I while we stayed. He always wanted to hold and play with Austin and always offering to make me food because he knows I love his great cooking. I finally saw Nick again on Friday afternoon, he met up with Stina and I in Park City to do a little shopping, which brings me to my first memorable story. As Stina and I were walking through Nine West I had Austin sitting in his stroller...unbuckled. Now don't judge me because he has been so little and not wiggly but recently he has been changing and wanting to move more. Anyways- I was pushing the stroller and Austin was whining and then all the sudden the stroller got really light. I looked forward and Austin had fallen to the floor in the middle of Nine West and to make me feel even more embarrassed and worse, we were surrounded by a group of people. Stina still claims that no one noticed, but I think she is trying to make me feel better. It was a good lesson for me to not leave him unbuckled and Austin was fine- just felt pretty stupid.
That night we met his roommates for dinner but also got to see some of the Butler clan- John, Emma, Josh, Jake and all the babies on the way! John kept calling Austin "Victor" or "Vic" because he thinks he looks like my dad- don't know how I feel about that.... So after seeing Mandy Saturday morning I was on my way to Cedar with Nick to join me the next Tuesday.
Cedar city was great to spend time with the family and Forrest came down to join us for that week. The guys played golf and helped my dad with some moving things, while my mom and I shopped and took care of Austin. My mom loves Austin and says she thinks he is going to be smart because he has a "big frontal lobe." I am pretty sure she doesn't even know what the frontal lobe does, so I just take it that Austin has a big forehead and we need to teach Austin that Grandma will always say "funny" things. :) We just loved spending time with the family, eating great food, seeing movies and being away from the norm. Fo, Nick and I saw The Dark Night, which was really good. My mom also said she "didn't like that movie because it was dark and reminder her of hell."Anyways, by the end of the week Forrest was gone, Nick was catching a flight and my dad was on his way to Houston. My mom and I spent the next with lots of girl plans. We went up to Brianhead to my Aunt's cabin for a girls weekend with my cousins and grandma too. We all made blankets, ate food, played games, watched movies and acted very unlady-like. It was great. Then my mom and I headed to Vegas for some shopping and family time, then caught a flight home a few days early!

Here is a 5 generation pic- we couldn't get my Great-Grandma to smile.