Monday, February 28, 2011

Divine Intervention

I stumbled on this video while preparing a lesson for my laurels.
This is my husband,
golfing every single Saturday!
This is probably one of my only complaints (and a BIG one!) about sweet hubby.
Other than that, he's perfect!

Coincidence I saw this?
I think not!
So I promptly emailed the video to Nick and titled it:
"The church finally took a stand against golfing on Saturday."

His reply,
"Nice try."

It was worth a try.

As busy season comes to an end for Nick, 
I have to say the hardest part was going to church solo these past 3 weeks.

It's such a struggle to get out the door.
And actually enjoying sacrament??
No way!

So this week I decided to join my parents for church and get a few extra hands.
I manage to get myself ready and the kids out the door at a decent time!
Kayla looked extra adorable this week in her ruffled gray dress

with lace tights, pink cardigan and of course, matching bow!

As soon as I walk into sacrament, I pull Kayla out of her car seat..
and I smell the poop. 
So I stand right back up and walk to the restroom to change her.

Unfortunately it was too late.
My sweet baby had pooped everywhere 
and had destroyed her cute gray dress she had only worn for about .2 seconds.
Definitely not enough time to show it off!

So for the next 3 hours she sported this

silk bloomers.
belly cardigan.
no socks or shoes.

As I walked back into sacrament with her dress in a trash bag & her belly hanging out,
I saw lots of giggles.
Mostly from my fellow Mommas who know exactly what it's like.

I sent Nick a picture during Sunday school and he thought it was hilarious..
I think Kayla did too.

At least she had a cute bow on!

and I might have just ordered her a pair of these Lacy leggings

I'm obsessed with them.

but, shh! it's our secret.
Good thing Nick never checks our blog.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stupid Dog

My Mom asked me to babysit Duke during their cruise.
Not only did she leave her family to go on an awesome vacation,
but she wanted to make sure we were tortured while she was gone!

Here is Duke from their Christmas card this year

I guess that means he is officially apart of the family?

My Mom did tell me to drop him at the vets if he drove me crazy,
but my small soft spot for doggies made me feel too guilty.
I used to love dogs,
I guess having kids changed my tune.

But Austin sure loved it, 
which made it even more worth it to keep him around.

Doesn't our Texas weather look awesome? It was 75 outside all week!

Kayla loves this toy and would just sit and watch Austin and Duke run around- so cute!

Within a few days Austin started calling Duke a "stupid dog",
I don't know where he got it from.

So after.. 
cleaning 2 poops in my house,

1 poop in his kennel, 
(which mean it was all over Duke & all over his cage)

waking up almost every night at 4am to him barking,

getting my kids back in bed at 4am because he was barking,

a new hole in my backyard,

lots of chewed/destroyed toys,

muddy paw all over my back door,

& grass, leaves and dirt tracked through my house
(Austin would open the door & he would charge inside)

my Mom finally came home to pick him up.

I contemplated not telling her how bad he was so she didn't feel soo guilty, 
but then I remembered that I want a kid-free vacation to Park City this summer..
so she got every detail!

There is no way these 2 could be worse than Duke!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hairless Expressions

There is no hiding it anymore,
my baby has lost all her hair...
and I'm a bit devastated. 

How did she go from this

to baldy??

"Who you talkin' about??"

So I guess the brushes and ponytails will have to wait.
And if she follows in Austin's footsteps,
it will be years.

For now we will just focus on how dang cute she is!
This diva has quite the personality,
she is my 'girl on the go' and I love all her little faces.

and my favorite:

She is already using her innocent looks to get her way,
and it works!

Friday, February 11, 2011

'Blistering Boilers!'

If any of you have a little boy that loves Thomas the Trains,
you have heard this blog title a million times.
It's my favorite line.

My little boy is officially 3!!
It happened so fast.
(bear with me as I take a little trip down memory lane.)

This year for his birthday I caved and gave him a Thomas party.
I have this thing about Thomas...
it just feels really nerdy.
But when I told people I refused to throw a Thomas party, 
even thought it's his favorite, 
they made me feel really guilt.

So Austin can thank his Aunty Cristina and Chelsea for this one.
I tried to make it as cool as Thomas can get.

I did love the tracks going around the table 

slow down there Thomas!

I loved putting out his birthday wreath!

We had lots of family and great friends that joined the celebration

Happy Birthday!

He is one lucky boy.
We love you so much Austin!