Monday, October 27, 2008

I Wish I Had A Brain...

I feel like I hardly ever write blog posts and I figure it is because of two reasons. One, I never feel that my life has stories that are "blog worthy", but it's probably just cause not much phases me these days. Two, I can only blog in a limited time slot- when Austin is sleeping. If I try when he is awake it takes twice as long because I spend my time stopping him from shutting the lid and then have to go back and erase his "contributions" to my blog (the random hand slaps onto my keyboard I don't catch in time).
But today I had a blog worthy moment.
Adding a baby to my life has obviously added stress and much joy, but on those days that I am feelin' like a crazy person I wonder what planet my brain has left me for. Today at Target I was shopping around as usual with my shoppin' buddy and found some of the expensive, "fancy" organic baby food on sale for the same price I buy Austin's regular food. They had a few different kinds he hadn't tried, so I tossed them into my cart. I check out and get to my car, only to find that I had missed one behind my purse. I debated for a few seconds on what to do cause it's just a dollar and remembered when I do good things, good things always come to me- I will take whatever extra good I can get right now. So I toss my bag in the car, grab my wallet, stolen baby food and put Austin in the cart to make my trek back into Target. I go pay for the food, hand it to Austin to keep him occupied and walk back out to the car. The whole way outside I am thinking this is alot of effort for a dollar. When I finally get to my car, as I am loading Austin into his car seat I realize, I don't know where the baby food is anymore. Have I lost my mind? Did I already put it in my bag with my wallet? I check and no Organic Pear Apple baby food to be found. I looked in the cart, around the cart and car and now I am just on a mission. I get in the car and head back up my aisle looking for it to be somewhere on the pavement. It isn't till I am by the front of the store that I spot it- a single baby food sitting next to the front doors. Austin must have thrown it out of the cart without me noticing. I parked my car in the middle of the cross walk, jumped out with my door left open, ran across the crosswalk passing multiple people to the front door, grabbed the baby food and then jumped back into the car and sped away. As I drove away I realized that I was insane and felt like I had lost my mind. I hope that most of the "onlookers" realized what must have happened but to others I must have just looked like a cheap mom that saw an opportunity to get some free baby food.
All I have to say is- that "organic" food better be delicious.
When driving home from Target I thought about all the craziness that happens everyday that make me a mom and I came up with a top five for everyone:

1. I carry around a bag large enough to hold a months supple of food storage for my family, which results in me feeling like I am constantly losing things because they are "lost" in my bag. I can never find my phone, keys, sunglasses, binky, bottle or toys- they are always where my searching hand is not.

2. I randomly have spit up on my shirt for everyone to see with no recollection of the event and no explanation of how it could have gotten there.

3. Randomly throughout the day when I set my bag down, the sound of an airplane taking off comes out of it- my favorite is in the middle of sacrament meeting. The sound can't be turned off and starts with the noise of engines turning on till the plane has reached full flight- one of Austin's many toys.

4. My personal potty breaks closely resemble a pit stop in a NASCAR race because Austin is doing one of the following: gotten into the one cabinet that is off limits and quickly pulls everything out, suddenly screaming crying or has followed me into the bathroom and tries to get into the tub, rip the toilet paper from my hands or attempts to crawl onto my lap.

5. My nose constantly thinks it is smelling a dirty diaper or poo in the air- it happens in the mall, in my house, through the park and just about everywhere else. I think it is trained to find that smell and now 90% of the time it is just my imagination and I can't say it is pleasant.

So there is a glimpse into my crazy life these days, but despite all the many moments I feel I have lost my mind, I would trade it for a new brain anyday! Austin is the most amazing, adorable, sweet and well-behaved baby a mom could dream off and I just love him to death!
Watch out for our Halloween pictures!! We can't wait!

Here is a random picture from July that I think is pretty funny!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


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