Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad Knee & Bad Mom

Nick has been complaining the last few weeks that he did something to his knee but I have kinda been ignoring it.

If you are a man and your last name ends in 'Weaver', then you have what Sally, Ruthie and I (my Weaver sister-in-laws) lovingly refer to as the dramatic gene.

(Jason, Nick and Chris at our wedding)

I have never seen men act so dramatic about things, especially golf & money- oh man.

The last few days the complaining has been more frequent, so I mention maybe we should call the doctor and he immediately refuses.


Then I get out of him why- he is worried about what the doctor will say about him playing golf every week.

Oh really!?

I told him I was calling today.

And on my 'Mother of the Year' moment:

Today I went to Sam's to eat some lunch (I was real desperate) and Austin was acting like a wild animal.

He wouldn't sit to eat his hot dog and just did laps around our cart or threw napkins at me. So I finally gave up and ignored him, since he wasn't bugging anyone else and my pizza was getting cold.

Then a woman walked up to me and handed me a business card for a Day Care Center here is Sugar Land.


Way to say, "hey you suck at being a mom, so maybe just drop him off here for the day."

The best part is that I am pregnant with another one.

(this picture is seriously funny/creeps me out a little)

His new tricks are: full blown tantrums and rolling his eyes at me. How does a 2 year old know how to roll his eyes?? Austin does, please tell me this is normal.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ouchy Momma

It’s all about the ‘ouchy’ these days. There is always one to be pointed out & he will tell anyone that listens.

“ouchy toe.”

“ouchy knee.”

“ouchy head.”

(in the top right corner)

The ‘ouchy head’ is my favorite. He got it at Babies R Us when I picked up my chair & Chelsea was supposed ;) to be keeping an eye on him. Apparently he ran right into the corner of some furniture and had the biggest purple knot on his head immediately after.

The next day when I asked about his ouchy, he tells me that Chelsea hit him. I had a good laugh but I think it made Chelsea a little sad.

In GOOD news..
Nick gets back tomorrow from his golf vacation in Utah after being gone since Monday.... I survived. Barely.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's a Girl's World.

Baby Girl nursery is in the works. She will probably remain 'Baby Girl' for awhile longer. I have a name picked out that I love, but just can't seem to spell to everyone's liking. For some reason people have been very opinionated about her name....and I can't stand the thought of people hating it!
Here are the options and the reasons why people hate it:

Mckayla (looks to a McDonalds menu item, or people don't like that I won't capitalize the 'k')
Makayla (looks Hawaiian, or she will always have to spell it)
Mikayla (again, she will always have to spell it or people will call her 'Mikey')


there are a number of people that tell me they like option #2 better, including my own husband:


so for now she is nameless, but that doesn't mean her nursery isn't planned to perfection!! I have it done in my head- no seriously, done. Down to what is on every wall.

Here is the bedding inspiration I have:

One side of the bumper will be this pink damask print

while the other side will be a large polka dot print.

For the bed skirt I am hoping to copy this soft, tulle look that falls to the ground.

I am on the hunt for all the fabric and have enlisted the help of my sweet friend Carolyn to show me how to sew it all together. She made her daughters bedding & it was adorable.

I recently got my glider and ottoman that I love. It isn't the Pottery Barn dream chair that was $1500, but it is good enough for 1/3 of the price. The chair itself sold me when I sat in comfortable.

Here it is set up in Austin's old room. It will be on the wall with that shelf Nick built next to the crib. The decorations, lamp and white stand have to go....
The wall color will be a powdery pink & this wall with the shelf is my accent wall. It will probably be a white, slightly silver color and have sometime of print on it.

I wanted to do wallpaper like this on the accent wall

but Nick said no wallpaper. I just love how soft and elegant it is. So I will probably copy the wallpaper with a white/silvery paint color and have someone come in and paint some type of faux damask print to copy this picture. The contrast of walls will hopefully look a little like this picture I saw

Here are a few wall decorations I have in mind:

I love this old fashion frame hung on the wall with a dress in it. I could find that at Goodwill and paint it white and then maybe hang her blessing dress in it.

want to find a big, silvery mirror to hang above my changing table (don't like much else in this picture besides the mirror and wall contrast).

the last thing I love that would be the perfect finish to her room is a chandelier like this one....

Nick told me he was "drawing the line" at the chandelier, but we will see about that. I found a really cute one at Ikea for an Ikea price!! I told Cristina, who is my biggest chandelier fan, that I was going to buy the Ikea one and gift it to myself anonymously :)

Now the pressure is on to get this all done is 4 months!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Remember when I said I wanted to document my pregnancy funnies, well here we go...

This baby has made me throw up- lots.
Around 10 weeks I went about 2 weeks of only keeping down 1 meal a day, it was real yucky. I now have a list of things I don't like to throw up:

1. Popcorn
Since this is an absolute favorite snack of mine it took multiples times for me to give it up. It was the kernals in the nose that really got to me.

2. Fish Tacos
Love mexican food. Love the Flavors... taste like nasty, sour crap coming up.

3. Pizza
Burns real bad.

I also have things I don't mind so much:
Cereal- tastes pretty similar
Toast- obvious

Austin has also gotten used to me throwing up and has a strange fascination with it. I try to shut the door, push him away or tell him to get out..but he always find a way to my side and says, "yucky momma."

One particular morning Austin and I were having an arguement about changing his diaper and it wasn't going so well. I notice the older he gets, the more stubborn he is, just like his momma. But the best part is that I can win & he hates it.

He was in time out for the 2nd time for the diaper arguement,

when I suddenly realized I needed to upchuck. I ran to the bathroom and lost it. As I am throwing up I hear something- it is Austins' chuckle echoing through my house.

(really old picture, but it fits the story)

Apparently he got the last laugh,
I guess I can let him win every so often.

Austin's room is done! Well minus window treatments, a lamp and a crafty wood plaque I am going to make with his name. So I will wait to show you the whole room, but share one of my favorite things..

you can also check out the new paint color that Aunt Cristina, Nick and I slaved over! I love how the room has a rustic, vintage feel to it.

Baby Girl nursery is already under construction & I will post all my plans, pictures and visions soon.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swagger Wagon

I will always make fun of people that own minivans and pray that I never have to join the club, Nick just tells me he won't make any promises. When I saw this rap music video about the new Sienna van, it made me laugh real hard. The lyrics are hilarious and all I could think about it my brother Houston. He loves rap and hates minivans, so if he ever had to get one he would probably call it his Swagger Wagon. Enjoy!

sorry I can't get it much smaller, so here is the link too:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Are Welcoming...

a baby


Here is the story...
first I will tell you how we were supposed to find out,
and then how I really found out.

On Tuesday I went in for my 19 weeks check up and mentioned to my doc that I would love to find out what the baby was a little early...and he surprisingly was happy to send me to the ultrasound room.

The ultrasound tech wasn't at the office that day, but her intern was and he assured me she could determine the sex. He also said he would be there to confirm it.

We both explained to her that I didn't want to be told, but have her write it down on a piece of paper so I could drop it off at a bakery and find out at our little family gathering. I didn't want to know without Nick there!

Well the baby was sleeping and not showing us what we needed to see. I could tell the intern was getting a little nervous that she wouldn't be able to deliver the news and very intent to find out for me. The baby started to move a little and I again said, "Okay, I am turning away now so I don't see anything!"

I had wanted to drop it off at Cupcake Cafe, let them make a little cupcake according to the gender, seal it up and open it with the family that night.

A few moments later, she blurted out, "Okay!! I think it's a GIRL!" I looked at her like...what did you just say?! I was so annoyed/ sad Nick wasn't there/ really excited I was having a girl... lots of emotions for a pregnant lady to process.

So I decided to play it off like I didn't know for the day and tell Nick later that I accidentally found out.

at the park pulling out all of our pink and blue cupcakes so everyone could guess the gender and hold it up in our picture.

me with my girl guess (I really thought it was before I knew!) and Nick guessing boy

our family and friends gathered. Everyone on the left guesses girl and everyone on right guesses boy!

Nick opening the box....

it's a GIRL!

first things I think of....

and the first thing Nick thinks of....

if he thought Austin was expensive....oh man.

Overall I was disappointed that I found out and it didn't take Nick too long to read it all over my face. But the party was really fun and I am glad we shared it with the family. More importantly, we are so thrilled to have a little girl. I already love her so much.

Forrest playing with the kids and doggies

Kate! She is just so sweet, I love her!

 Brookie makes Nick so excited to have his own little girl, he just adores her.

Austin found a leftover cupcake on the blanket

and he just eats it.

Now the REAL work begins with redecorating a whole nursery.
Poor Nick,