Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas Day

So this is the last catch-up post- next I will put up pics of Austin's birthday and his new room!!! Here are some of the decorations that I had in the living room with our tiny, tiny tree from our Provo apartment. Since I had to buy new decorations for the whole house Nick wouldn't let me buy a new, big tree (they are like $300 bucks!!)

To the left of the mantel, on our bookcase we had a nativity with a picture of Christ and that tree behind it. There were also a few decorations scattered about the house but next year I will definitely get more! We had a great year with all the family crammed in our house. Austin loved all the festivities but was a little overwhelmed with all the toys! Here are a few pics...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Remember, we are still playing the next few posts will be ones about Christmas. Nick and I sent out our first Christmas cards this year and the pictures turned out great!! Forrest took them for us at the Sugar Factory here and his wife came along to keep Austin smiling!!! He did such a good job and we loved them- here are the ones we sent out.

His website is Check it out!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Baby in the Family!

Jennika had her baby!!! We can all rejoice for her freedom and that the baby is healthy/adorable! He was born on Sunday the 25th, 9lbs 5ounces and 21 inches long!!! Despite all her efforts, she ended up getting a c-section again but the good news is it went perfect! The epidural worked great and she felt little pain, plus they said her scar from Brayden healed up really well. She is in high spirits and was even up for a slew up people that drove to see her at 10:00pm!!! We love you Jennika and are happy to see another adorable SIMMONS baby made by you- that's right, Brodie's genes dominated once again :)

Jennika and I at Austin's party the night before she went into labor- it's a Simmons tradition to hang out with Weavers and then the next day have a baby. Work's every time!

Brayden and Austin eating breakfast together! We got a phone call at 7:30am saying it was time to come and get Brayden cause they were heading out!! She was in labor most of the day and had the baby at 6:50pm

Brayden meeting his new baby brother!! It was funny- the baby was wheeled into the room in his little plastic carrier and within 5 mins Brayden ran full force into the side of the cart. We all froze but the baby didn't even seemed phased- it was the first of many football tackles he will have to endure and he took it like a champ.

New baby!! Brennan or Rylan Simmons! I wish you could see the dark brown hair he has under that hat!!

Here is a picture of Brayden in the hospital. There is a definite difference but they both look like a Simmons!

First Family photo!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

When Mommy is away....

I woke up one December morning after a cool front had come through and here is what I found:

Austin eating breakfast in his Halloween costume. I asked Nick why he was wearing that and this is what I got, "Well it was really cold this morning and this was the warmest thing I could find." Austin seemed to be loving it and I thought it was pretty funny. So for all those people that say buying a costume is a waste of money cause you only wear it once...Nick proved you wrong!!

Charmin Ultra

Have you ever wondered how much water a whole roll of Charmin toilet paper can absorb?.... yeah, me neither. But in case anyone ever thought about it, Austin has found the answer. It can absorb a whole toilet worth of water. Here is my proof....

Austin is in a stage where the bathroom is full of fun stuff to get into- his favorite are feminine products he finds in a box next to the toilet. Don't worry, I take them away when I catch it in time.

(I think this one is funny cause he is holding his diaper like he's a gangster.)

But here is the story behind the toilet paper- I had got in the shower one morning and Austin was playing in my room with some toys. He wandered into the bathroom and I didn't notice what he was doing until I looked over and he was holding a NEW roll of toilet paper above the open toilet (that was my mistake). My hair was full of shampoo so I just started yelling "NO" at him and he just looked at me and dropped it. I kept yelling no while he played with it in the toilet and I was frantically trying to finish my shower- he then started crying cause he thought I was mad at him. I got out of the shower just in time to see his little fingers reaching for the flusher and trying to flush the roll down. I caught him in time and good thing I captured it because now I can laugh, but at the moment I was pretty grossed out trying to fish that soggy roll out.

Here are some cute pics after all those gross ones:

Catch Up

I was looking at my blog recently and realized that I haven't written an entry in a long time- I just look at my friends! So I decided that I am going to write a bunch of posts to catch up from November to now and try to put up a new post each day.

November news...
I told you about our anniversary and here is a picture of the necklace that Nick got me at our hotel.

I really do LOVE it and wear it often- he had a good pick!! We loved our anniversary, even though it was in Longview in a small hotel with Austin :)Here are a few pictures of him while we were there.

Stay tuned for a new post tomorrow!!