Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking Back

Being so close to delivering my 2nd baby, I think a lot about how my delivery with Austin went & realized that I never documented the experience... it is one of a kind.

Family photos December 2008

But first, today I went to the doctor and he was shocked to tell me I had gone from being dilated from a 1 1/2 to a 4. I was shocked to hear that she had also dropped even more, didn't think that was possible since it feels like she is crowning at all times. As much as I am done being pregnant, I thought of a few things I will miss about it:

1. Being able to blame anything not so dainty or princess demands on the baby. "It was the baby."
2. Having the ability to pee twice in one trip. This would be even better if it cut down on the number of bathroom runs, but it doesn't. Just a useless pregnancy talent.
3. Never being able to tell if you are having a fat day since all your pants are elastic at the waist.
4. Having random strangers stare at me and laugh at my waddle... they think I don't see.

But I think I am ready to have this baby, I just hope the labor goes well... I really just hope I make it in time to get my drugs. I am no natural kind of girl.

When I was pregnant with Austin I got, well, largo. Not only was he a huge baby but I was a huge pregnant woman. The doctor offered to induce me over a week early and I jumped at the offer. Here I am the night before I went into the hospital...

not my most beautiful moment, but we can't erase history. I went in at 6am to get the IV's started and settled but it wasn't until 8am that they started to induce me. After that, I was having consistent contractions all day and this is what I did

colored these cute little file folders for Austin to do at church (managed to start before he was born and I still never finished them!). No epidural yet because I wasn't in any pain. I managed to dilated to a 4 by dinner time and the nurses offered the epidural & I figured 'why not?'. I got my drugs, visited for awhile longer and then fell asleep around 9pm. It wasn't until 1 am that I woken up by the nurse telling me the baby's head was coming out and not to push... um, okay? Totally confused and delirious we waited for the doctor to come; I pushed 2 times and out came my big baby.

Austin Scott Weaver
February 8, 2008
9lbs 3 ounces

It was so easy and painless, I couldn't have had it any better.

(already wrapped in his BYU blue)

I just hope Mckayla comes into the world just as easy.. probably not, things like that just don't happen twice for one person.

We are excited to add one more little baby to the family!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nursery Chandelier

Remember back in this post when I talked about my obsession with getting a chandelier in the baby's room?? Well Nick was using his 'veto' power on that one and said absolutely way....and if I bought it he refused to hang it for me. I guess a chandelier in Mckayla's room was too over the top for him.

Well I just can't help it that Cristina and Chelsea loved the chandelier as much as I did....
and that they decided it would be the perfect shower gift!

So here you go, my adorable chandelier they bought me

when Nick saw the box as we unloaded my shower gifts, I told him not to worry... I already called my Dad to come hang it. :) I guess 'veto' power didn't work out on this one.

Here are a few other favorites from the shower. This blessing dress from my Mom and Dad:

LDP04G - Silk Dupioni Gown

I love it so much (especially the pearl details) and plan to hang it on her wall in a frame I found and painted white, like this picture....

There are so many other things I want to post from the nursery, it's almost done! I made the bed skirt like this one

with lots of help, but it turned out so perfect!!

The bedding it getting started tomorrow and with the left over fabric I am making this:

I already have all the letters cut out by my sweet father-in-law, they are just waiting to be covered and placed on her shelf.

I need to take pictures of some of my other great finds, crafty projects I have done & adorable presents for the nursery... soon.

As for how the baby is doing in my belly... really good. Maybe too good. I have a sneaking feeling she is going to wait this one out. I haven't dilated anymore since my preterm labor and that was over 3 weeks ago.

I will be 36 weeks on Sunday, which makes it perfectly safe to have her anytime after that. I am still not allowed to exercise, but after 36 weeks I think I can get the green light. The doctor plans to induce my October 15th (3 weeks from Friday) if she holds out, which he is doubtful... I wouldn't be surprised. But I have lots to keep my busy till then!

Oh yeah... and my ankles have officially disappeared. My weight gain & water retention has been awesome this pregnancy and I was thrilled... not for long. It seriously happened overnight and POOF they were gone. I drink my body weight in water every day and elevate all night but it never fails, by mid afternoon my feet look like they belong to this guy

oh well.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chelsea's Baby Shower

Here are a few pictures of the baby shower Cristina, Sarah and I threw for our good friend Chelsea a few weeks ago. Chelsea & Nate moved to Houston last December and it is so great to have them here! Plus, they are family- Nate and Nick are cousins. So does that make Chelsea and I cousins-in-law??

The shower was at Cheesecake Factory & I think we did a pretty cute job of dressing it up... if I say so myself!

cupcake favor boxes for the guests monogrammed with Sadie's initials

The party planners

Tamra, Jess, Jacquelyn & Chelsea

Heidi, Sally & cute Kate.
Kate was so excited to be invited to Chelsea's shower, she loved every minute of it.

Rachel, my Momma, Teresa, Sarah, Lisa and Sarah's mom

Chelsea got lots of really great gifts, but this one was my favorite. Her mom surprised her and mailed a gift to me to bring to the shower. This picture is just so sweet of her opening it- I think we all got a little choked up.

Baby Sadie should be arriving any day now!!