Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Years Ago

When I was a Beehive in YW we made a Time Capsule to be opened in 10 years! I remember the activity and thinking, "Oh my gosh, I will be 22 when I open this thing!!" and wondering what my life would be like. Who would have thought when I was 12...

1. I would be marrying a boy from my ward & lived down the street from me that was 17 at the time
2. I would get married to this boy at 19....
3. I would settle back in my hometown of Sugar Land and have a house
4. I would be preparing to have my 2nd baby when opening my capsule!

Realistically I always thought it would get lost in the shuffle of life, but my mom found it when she moved here last year and handed it to me to open. I waited until the 10 year mark and had a little glimpse into my life....

our Christmas picture that year. Don't you love the big bangs?? I still remember going to the bathroom in middle school and hair spraying them in place- sick.

a sweet letter from our leader. I loved the last part on a temple marriage and it meant so much that I had accomplished that goal when reading it.

our amazing dog Zoe that we bought as a puppy and had our whole lives. She was the best! Did awesome tricks, always caught food in her mouth and would even leave the room after she farted because she knew how bad they smelt. ...Then she got old and my mom put her to sleep. Thanks for killing our dog Mom.

my report card that year...

My best friend Kellie wrote this letter and I loved reading it.

us girls at church

I guess these are brands I liked.. I remember when Abercrombie and Fitch was soo cool. Now I won't even walk in there- it's too loud.

I have more ty babies than I can count..

I am so glad our leaders did this activity with us and I hope someday I can do the same with my YW!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prego Catch-Up

I feel like I have been hiding from my blog because I had a big secret to share but wanted to wait to let it all out! If you didn't catch the last post


that felt good.

For the past 2 months this pregnancy has taken over my life physically and emotionally and I just didn't have any extra energy to give to the blog. But let's start from the beginning....

Nick has wanted this baby for quite some time, "I'm ready when you are!" for the last 9 months...but I wanted to take my sweet time. I wanted to wait until that strong desire to have a baby & not just based on the schedule we had set. Originally we thought get pregnant June/July (of last year!) and have them be 2 and 1/2 years apart..but when July came around I just wasn't feeling ready.

So we waited a few more months and then one day in Sept I woke up and just felt it was time to try. Never a hesitation. Never a second thought. Never a...'are we sure about this'. And me being the naive girl I can be, I thought if I just consider having a baby, it would just happen based on our experience getting pregnant the first time.

Well we had no such luck in September. Then in October we had success and were so thrilled...but the enthusiasm was short lived and we had a miscarriage right before 6 weeks. I was pretty devastated. It was so early in the pregnancy I didn't let myself dwell on it for too long and tried to busy myself with the crazy upcoming holidays. Looking back I am grateful for the experience because it taught me many lessons of appreciation and gratitude for our amazing bodies and having a healthy baby- things I took for granted.

After a few months of my body getting back on track we tried again and had success in January!! We were thrilled and both just felt like it was time. 3 months in and 3 ultrasounds later, I am ready to tell everyone one! Here are some pictures to share..

Here I am at 4 weeks and Valentine's Day. What a nice present :)

again at 6 weeks

here is the baby at 11 weeks

I started feeling kinda sick at 8 weeks and really sick at 10 weeks. For about a week I couldn't hold down much of any food...but things have gotten better and my belly is starting to poke out. I need to get a picture- I am now 13 weeks along!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Expected to arrive October 24th!