Monday, December 1, 2008

2 Years!

This month, on the 18th Nick and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary!!! I can't believe that it was two years ago that we got married, when sometimes it just seems like it was a few months ago. Now here we are, moved away from college with a house and a baby that is turning 10 months old! Where does the time go!? I couldn't be happier with where we have come in the past two years and continue to love my husband more. Here are a few reasons:

-He has proved that he loves through good times and bad, despite how ugly I look or fat I can get. (Example: when I got pregnant...)

-He is always quick to say sorry

-He kindly laughs and my stupid questions like, "What the temperature of freezing?" and then tells me happy he is he married me... probably for entertainment for eternity.

- He is an amazing example to me of unconditional love and great patience

-He takes great care of Austin and rarely complains when I ask him to help

- He always holds true to his word

-He follows silly rules such as: 'you can only play golf on Saturday if the T-time is before 9a.m.' just to make me happy and spend the afternoons with us.

-He provides for our every need and more because he wants Austin and I to be happy.

-He makes me want to be a better wife and mom

-This last one is silly, but if you are a Weaver or know the Weavers you will understand.
He dosen't make me budget.

Those are just a few of the many, MANY thing I adore about Nick. I love my husband so much and don't know what I must have done right to deserve him! On our anniversary we happened to be in Longview, TX because Nick was sent out of town that week. I decided to go with him this time to get out of town, stay in a nice hotel and get free dinner everynight at a restuarant of our choice! The day of our anniversary I made him his favorite treat and gave him a winter peacoat he had been wanting to wear with work clothes. I feel like I am always talked into getting him a necessity and he always gets me a fun gift. He totally surprised me and got me a drop pearl necklace with a diamond on it that I had been asking for that last few months. I told him to get me a fake one for now so we could wait and get the nice one when we could afford it, but apparently he didn't and it is beautiful!!! I was shocked! He also bought tickets to see Twlight at the midnight showing on Thursday and set up for Austin to stay with me mom. I was super excited to see Twilight and even more excited Nick was going with me!

So, Austin is waking up from a nap at the moment....I will post some pictures from the anniversary soon!


G. Sterling said...

dang, thats crazy. two years already! i still remember ya'll dating at lib square. nick's messy room and julie cleaning it up when it became a natural hazard. haha. congrats you guys

Cristina said...

yay you posted! happy anniversary (again) I can't wait to see pictures!

The Doves said...

oh so sweet. Happy Anniversary I agree that time flies way too fast!

jessl said...

yay! I knew your anniversary was this month but I didn't realize it was while he was out of town! you are a good sport. I always get rob things he needs too. Oh well, it is fun to get spoiled.

Jonathan and Kelly Calvert said...

JULIE! This is Kelly! I just saw your comment! Yes I am living here with Jon...we just bought a house in settlers Way. Where are you living? We need to get together soon for sure- a TAFE reunion....we can even invite Aiello! Anyways, call or text me soon!
ps. austin is adorable. I wanna meet him soon:) oh and nick too!