Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day

For some reason Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays..I know it is just a day when chocolate is expensive and a dozen roses is a small car payment, but I still like it. Nick, of course, thinks it is stupid, but he does attempt to do sweet things on Valentine's Day (to stay out of the dog house)! The week before I made some cute little Valentine's from Austin to some of his Grandparents and great grandparents, they turned out really cute. We made the front with his hand print, he didn't like it too much but I wanted him to help :) I also made some sugar cookies for Nick to take to work and another plate for our nieces and nephews. I think I need more kids so I can spoil them with crafts and baked good because I always buy things for Chris and Sally's kids. Here is his card (sorry it is sideways)...

On V-day I woke up extra early to cook Nick a special breakfast before his golf and it turned out pretty cute. I made pink pancakes and used a Wilton cake decorating kit to write out letters and draw hearts on the skillet- it was Jess's brilliant idea. After golf Nick came home with a dozen white roses, which were really pretty and I loved! That night my parents offered to watch Austin so Nick and I could have the night out! We went to Olive Garden (Macaroni Grill was booked) and then the movie 'He's Just Not that Into You'. It was a great night and another Valentine's Day with my valentine. Maybe one year Nick will surprise me and do something really unexpected and romantic...a girl can dream.

He was super tired, it was 6:15am!


Janey said...

Oh my gosh so freakin cute! Yeah, Mark thinks Valentine's is dumb too, and also does stuff to stay out of the doghouse, haha. And I ALSO hope one day he'll do some big surprise. I was so sick this Valentines Day and didn't do a thing for Mark. I felt terrible, but don't think he cared much. At least he made a fabulous dinner for us. Again I wish we lived by eachother so we could do these cute holiday things!!

Cristina said...

So cute Ju! I'm impressed. Those pancakes take some skill!