Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Vacation

Today I am off for a little vacation until Saturday to the beautiful San Diego with my friend Chelsea and without my rugrat Austin!!!!!! The plan is to have no plan. Beaches- all day. Restaurants- whenever we are up for eating & NO highchairs. Malls...well no comment cause Nick peeks at my posts every so often. I will also see a few old friends and I just can't wait.

If you're thinking how I can talk Nick into this, you just need to be married to a husband that is beyond obsessed with golf. He takes a yearly trip to Utah with his brothers for 5+ days and play 2 rounds a day...not to mention he plays every, single Saturday morning. Someone please tell me that is isn't normal to have your husband take 5 hrs out of your Saturday (the one day with them) to play golf. He makes it sound like every man does this......
So we have a little arrangement that I can go on a little getaway every year he goes to Utah- only fair, right?

Have a great week, I know I will!

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Davis Family said...

Jealous!!! If you're trying to keep things even you should stay the whole month of March.