Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nick's 28!

My sweet husband turned 28 on Sunday. I think it felt pretty weird for him. I told him 30 will be worse & we should ease the pain by taking a trip to Hawaii that year :) A girls gotta work it where she can, right!

I feel so lucky to have a husband like Nick and know that sometimes I don’t deserve him! My favorite things about him are:

- He loves his family more than anything. And that doesn’t just go for Austin & I, Nick is very protective, loyal & loving to all his family. He gets truly upset whenever something happens to anyone and would do anything for us.

- He is sensitive & never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings

- He helps smooth out my rough edges

- He has put effort into relationships with my side of the family & now considers himself ‘the favorite child’

- He is a hard worker & takes pride in planning/saving for his families future

- He always gives me a kiss before he leaves for work, even if I am sleeping & don’t remember

- He calls Austin to tell him he loves him

-He is passionate about golf & enjoys it even more when he is with his brothers

- He was raised in a good family with high standards & has the highest respect for their opinion

- He supports & encourages me whenever I need it

- He always looks for the best in everyone

- He pretends to be excited when I buy new stuff, even though he only wants to know how much it costed

- Most importantly, he has a strong testimony, is a worthy priesthood holder and focuses our family around the church.

I had the whole weekend planned out to make his birthday extra special. We started with a date Saturday night- we went to Texas Road House and then met people at the movies to see Robin Hood (Nick’s choice).

It was long, confusing and pretty much really bad. But the pain was eased with Nick’s favorite treats I snuck in my purse & my popcorn with Diet Coke.

Sunday morning I surprised Nick with these for breakfast

I bought them at our YW auction awhile ago and was waiting to redeem them for his birthday. They were delish & he was excited.
My mom started this tradition all growing up to decorate the house for our birthdays and I want to carry it for my family.. here is some of Nick's birthday decor

he spent the afternoon doing this with Austin

we had his favorite dinner & then got ready for a little party at the house with our families.
Here is another surprise I had for him...

My mom & I worked on it all Saturday morning while he was busy. The graham cracker sand traps were my favorite part.


Nick isn't a big fan of cake so I also made a peach-blueberry cobbler for birthday dessert.

Happy Birthday!!!

opening presents, he received lots of help!

Thanks for the shirt Houston & Cristina!

and 2 new gloves from Nate & Chelsea, Forrest & Sarah

new golf shoes from both parents. Can you tell he is gearing up for the Utah golf trip?

Last were wedges that I surprised him with. I gave him the first one with my gift & he was thrilled. Then I had him open another Father's Day card from Austin because he is going to be gone on Father's day. While he was reading it, Austin walked out with wedge #2

Happy Birthday Nick!!!


Cristina said...

Happy Birthday Nick!!! and Julie - your cake looked awesome!!!

halie said...

Happy birthday Nick!! --seriously. that cake is unbelievable! you wanna fly up to do ryan's cake in july?! :) haha we'll see how that one turns out. doubt it will even deserve a spot on our blog though. :) love you!

mmmandy! said...

Very sweet post. :) Happy birthday, Nick!