Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nick's Week Off

After Austin and I came home, Nick had to whole week off from work so we spent time with his family and started sprucing up the new home. I wanted first to see the newest member of our family, Chris and Sally's new baby Brooklyn! She was just three weeks old and Austin sure does look huge compared to her. Kate and Peyton have so much fun with the babies, smothering them in kisses and attention. Kate always tries to get Austin to smile at her but I have noticed that as soon as Peyton gets his face in there Austin loves it. The other day in their living room Nick was pitching a ball to Peyton and Austin was watching on my lap. Every time Peyton would hit the ball across the room Austin would start cracking up, which was so much fun to watch- but Peyton also hasn't always been so lucky. Another time Peyton walked up to give Austin a kiss, but just in time to catch his spit up all down his arm, shirt and pants. He then ran across the room to his mom upset and as she was trying to wipe up the mess Peyton started dry heaving- it was pretty entertaining.
We decided that we should spend his week off painting, which was a huge project. I am pretty sure that picking out the paint colors was more frustrating then the actual painting. I must have spent hours debating between different colors and driving Nick insane- by the end he refused to give any opinion or comment on paint colors! We ended up painting the main living room and hallways a grayish brown, which looks pretty against our white trim, our office is a lighter shade and the kitchen in a very faint bluish gray. It took us most of the week to paint with all the taping, multiple coats and trips back to Home Depot. Austin was also delighted for us to be done because between his naps he got minimal attention and was usually in the room next to us to keep him away from the fumes. Thankfully I can say that we finished happy with the work on our house but also learned alot- I will never pick out paint colors again.


Cristina said...

that story about peyton dry heaving was awesome!! i love reading your blog it makes me miss you more!

Simmons Family said...

I was laughing out loud about the Peyton story too. Thanks for sharing, and can't wait to come over and see the house!

Melanie Rossi said...

I just saw the comment you made on my blog. I'm so excited that you have a blog! I had no idea! Keep those post coming, I love to read them!