Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day

So this is a bit late for a Father's Day post, but I have been wanting to do one all week! I was pretty bad this year cause I sent my dad a card in the mail that didn't even get to him on time and all the gifts Nick got he bought himself. But I am so very grateful for the Dads in my life- my Dad and now Nick! I grew up with the greatest Dad there is, who fondly referred to me as his Hugmuffin till this day. My dad has this dominant personality that often leads people to believe he is a bit hardcore and hard to talk to, but he is the biggest softy I have ever met who sends me really corny text messages and calls me often to say he loves me. He always makes me feel really important, I couldn't ask for a better Dad. Then there is Nick, who is such a good father and surprises me everyday. He is always so willing to do anything to help me out when he comes home from work that involves Austin. He always gives him his nightly bath and I love to listen to them "talk" to each other. I love that he will argue with me over who gets to pick Austin up from a nap because he loves how Austin cuddles. And most of all I love that when Austin falls asleep Nick can't help but give him a few extra goodnight kisses with an 'I love you'. He is so great. Here is the card he got. It spells out Happy Father's Day with golf greens- I thought it was cute!

So for Father's Day I gave Nick some golf stuff- you can't go wrong. We had found a bunch of nice golf shirts at Marshall's and Nick got like 4, so I said that 2 of them would be for Father's Day. Well I had also planned to buy him a magazine subscription and possibly something else until he came home from work that week with a rather interesting comment. "Julie, I accidentally won a putter on ebay today." Well, it just so happened to be the putter he really, really wanted and been talking about for months and he somehow accidentally won it on ebay. I wasn't really sure how this could be labelled an accident- you bid on it with the intention to win the auction, which he did. And he just looked so upset and heartbroken about it- NOT. I sarcastically answered that it was probably best to cancel his ebay account because I would hate for ebay to accidentally win him another golf club that we would pay for. Honestly, I really didn't care cause Nick really never buys anything for himself and he is so strict with money that I figure if he thinks we can afford it, we can. I like for him to have things that he loves. So when the putter arrived I tortured Nick and refused to let him open it until Father's Day (which was all of 1 day away) but on Saturday night at midnight he convinced me to let him open his presents. You can only guess we went to bed late that night cause I had to sit in the living room watching him practice with the new putter.

Here he is with the new shirts and putter that has a little bow tied around it.


Janey said...

Aww, your stuff about your dad makes me miss my dad! Don't you hate when you decide to stay up late so you can have a few hours alone together, and then the next day you are sooo tired? Your house looks so cute in the background!

Chris and Sally said...

I love that he accidentally won the putter, that sounds like something Chris would say.