Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nick's Out of Town

Nick had to go out of town this last week for some training in Ohio and I was pretty upset when he left on Sunday. I hate when he leaves me, I guess I am not much of a loner. I figured that I would spend most of the week hangin out with Austin here at the house- I hate to make Nick feel bad but I had so much fun. I spent the whole week away from home hanging out with friends and family. My sister-in-law is in town with her four kids and my best friend Sara came home this week, so they kept me pretty busy. I spent many days at the pool with the kids and found out that Austin loves the water! I have this floaty for him and he just leans back with his arms propped up on each side wearing hat and sunglasses- not even a whine for over an hour, it was pretty entertaining! When we weren't swimming we would hang out with Ruthie and the kids, where Austin stayed amused with his cousins. We even stayed the night at Clark's house one night so Ruthie, Teresa, Lisa and I could have a girls movie night after we put Austin down- I loved chatting with Ruthie late into the night!

I think one of my favorite days was when Sally and I decided to run some errands together with ALL the kids- there were defiantly moments of "what were we thinking". Just imagine- in her Armada we had Kate and Peyton in booster seats in the way back of the car with Austin and Brooklyn's car seats in the bucket seats, plus strollers. Mine didn't fit into the back with her double stroller so we had to squeeze it on the floor between the two car seats, which had to be moved for Kate and Peyton to get out of the car. It was even better when it randomly started pouring as we walked out of Target and had to load all the kids and babies into the car as fast as possible- let's just say no one stayed dry. It turned out to be really fun though and her kids are so adorable, constantly saying the cutest things.

The last highlight of the week was spending time with Sara. I hadn't seen her since Christmas, so we had so much to catch up on. She hadn't even met Austin yet! We went out to dinner together and she spent the night with Austin and I at the house. From the time I picked her up at 6pm to when I dropped her off late the next afternoon we were just talking away. She is one of those friends that know you so well there isn't anything you can't share and no matter how long you go without speaking, nothing is different. I wish she could stay here longer cause I miss spending time with her!

Just a cute picture of Austin getting tangled in his blanket during tummy time.

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