Monday, September 29, 2008

It's a Ghost!

It seems like I haven't updated my blog in forever, things have been a bit crazy since Ike hit us. So I posted this slide show of new pictures of Austin to show everyone how much he has changed! Sorry for all the naked ones, but they are so adorable I just couldn't resist. I feel like I don't have anything new to share cause we are just in our normal routine- Nick goes to work everyday and I stay home taking care of Austin, cleaning the house, go to Sonic or Target or WalMart often and hang out with my buddies. We went out on a group date a few weekends ago and it was so much fun! There was about 6 couples that went and no kids, we felt so young again! It amazing how wonderful eating dinner in peace can be while talking to real adults and having real conversations. We then went and played games with everyone and had so much fun, we even stayed out late :) My parents are so great, they love to take Austin for us and it is nice to just drop him off and wave good-bye without worrying about him the whole night. He has started getting a bit pickier about who can hold or touch him, so I told my parents we NEED to drop him off more often so Austin knows who they are.
So to explain the title- we have come to the conclusion that our bedroom has a ghost that has a little problem with Nick these days. There are been a number of weird things happening in that room, let me share my stories and you can draw your own conclusions:
1. One night Nick decides to go to bed really early, so I hang out in the living room to watch T.V. Around 10:00 I have to go to the bathroom and I am the biggest wimp when it comes to the dark (I feel a bit more justified now), so I left the bathroom light on in our bedroom for when I returned to bed. About 10 mins later Nick comes out asking me why I poured water all over him and I tried to tell him I didn't. He doesn't believe me cause he knew I was in the room since the light was left on. We argue back and forth a bit and I tell Nick to check to see if the roof was leaking- it wasn't. So Nick has water- no not sweat- but water drops all over his forehead and his shirt was wet all over his shoulder.
2. The next night we are lying in bed and Nick says, "are you touching me?" and with my back to him I respond "ummm,no..." He then tells me that he swore someone was just touching him, once again not believing me.
3. The NEXT night I woke up with a swollen eye, like I was punched in the middle of the night by Nick. I think the ghost did it so I would get mad at him. I later found out it was a little infection, but I still believe the ghost has something to do with it. That same night Nick mysteriously ended up sleeping on the couch. I found him and asked why he was out on the couch, he said he had no idea. You might think it was sleep walking, but Nick has never done that.

There you have it, we are haunted. I don't really mind the ghost cause I think the little jokes it is playing on Nick are funny. I will keep you posted if the ghost comes up with any new tricks.
One more little story- so I was sick this last weekend and it was not fun at all! I had the swollen eye and a cold, which meant I couldn't breath out of my nose and it was really makin' me mad. So Nick was in charge of Austin and me, he did a pretty good job but not without a few good stories. First, he kept trying to drug me and I think it was so he could watch whatever he wanted on the TV and not have to get me things. He kept offering and tried to get me to take more Benadryl and NyQuil everytime I woke up. I was too sick to argue, so Nick did whatever he wanted those few days. When I was awake, I found out that he kept putting Austin in his crib for naps every time he started to cry. Austin would have woken up around 1:00 and at 1:30 I would find Austin in his crib and Nick would be like, "He was whining, I think he is tired again." poor baby. Lastly, and my favorite from the weekend- I woke up from a drugged induced nap and walk into the living room. Nick looks away from ESPN and says to me, "You know, you can't be sick too often cause babysitting Austin is getting really hard." I just started at him and really came to a realization- he has no idea what my life is like. My next thought was, I should leave more often.


Cristina said...

I LOVE my nephew!! He is so cute! Thanks for the new pictures I will probably look at them over and over!

Cristina said...

omgosh! this was hadn't written everything when I commented last night. I just laughed out loud in the WILK when I read Nick's comment "babysitting Austin is getting really hard"! they're just men, I don't know if that will ever change :)

Leslie said...

Hi guys! how are you? Austin is precious! Little boys are so much fun!

Michelle said...

Hey Julie. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I just wanted to comment on this hilarious post! First of all, the ghost thing would totally creep me out. And second, since when was taking care of your own child babysitting!? Isn't that what we pay others to do? Cause if us moms were just babysitting our kids every day we'd be dang rich!! And Nick putting Austin to bed so often cracks me up. It's such a guy thing to do!! I guess it happens in every family! One time I left Abby over night with Paul when she was about 18 months (for Elise's bridal shower), and the satisfaction I got from him telling me about all her tantrums was GREAT! Like you said, dads don't really know what it's like until they've done it.

Simmons Family said...

OK I had already heard all of the ghost stories, but they are still just as funny. I'm not sure if I think it's a ghost, or if Nick is developing strange sleeping habits, but funny either way. Additionally, I feel so bad I didn't know you were sick. I would have come to your rescue, or Nick's for that matter, had I known. Lastly, I'm a little glad that you were sick. This should end all arguements about whether or not you do anything all day long. Nick now knows that eating at Sonic with friends...with still just as hard as eating lunch with all his nerdy accounting co-workers. Glad he's learned his lesson. Fell better!

The Doves said...

Call me creepy but I love naked babies! That is soooo cute! He has gotten so big its crazy how fast they grow!

PS. you should probably move

Chelsey said...

Julie... a little tid-bit of information on your husband there.. he previously had a problem with sleepwalking. So, I would say he is picking up that habit again. Good luck. Miss you guys. P.S. Austin so the cutest thing ever!!!

josh and jacqs said...

thats what i feel like! Things are the same, school, and work. I just try and find something random that does not really matter and post about it like its something important!!!