Sunday, May 10, 2009

My B-day & Mother's Day Weekend

On Friday was my 22nd birthday..yeah I am getting old. I think I like 22 better than 21 cause it doesn't carry some age attachment to it. Like 21 is the age you can finally drink- not that it would apply to me, but it just sounds more of a young, party age. So all my inlaws (who are old farts by the way and are just jealous of my youth) make fun of my for my age. 22 just sounds better, especially since I have a 1 year old... right? Right.
My birthday this year was seriously awesome! I met all my bros, mom and Stina for lunch at Los Gallitos, which is a fav just because the chips are awesome (the food is just okay). We had fun with that and then my mom told me I had a pedicure appointment. So she took Austin away from me and sent me off to get my nails done. It was really sweet of her and I needed one bad. I am pretty sure the nail lady agreed I needed one bad because she made it PAINFUL. She was scrubbing my poor feet and toes raw! I also felt a little bad cause she kept trying to talk to me and I would try to be polite and give a little answer but then go back to my magazine cause I seriously have NO IDEA what she was saying half the time. I really don't mind talking with them but most of the time I feel dumb cause I just nod my head in totally confusion or say, "what?" over and over again. So I think she thought I was a snob cause she got me back... I thought the pedicure was done but then she comes walking up with these two bags full of red liquid that she wanted me to stick my feet into. I shouldn't have been so willing cause it felt like I stuck my foot into straight FIRE! I guess it was wax and man she def melted that wax, it was so hot I seriously yelped out in pain. After the torture was over, I have to admit, the toes looked great and the feet were really soft/had 1st degree burns.
That night my mom put together a cute little family get together and we had pizza and cake. It was fun to have all the family back here in Houston. Here are a few pics...

Austin enjoying his dinner

Jennika Simmons and Brayden

The cake my mom got

Fo & Sarah holding baby Rylan

New shirt from momma

Some cute shoes from my mom

Fo made this picture of the Houston Temple and it is so pretty. I love it and am so excited to finally have one- check out his website

Here is the apron that I got from Stina. I had really wanted one and knew she was the girl to find a cute one. I LOVE it, with the attachable pearls and all!

All in all it was a great birthday but I did save the best present for last....

Nick bought me a new computer for my birthday and Mother's day gift. I was so excited cause it was desperatly needed- it is why I hadn't been blogging!!! So it means you can expect many more posts to come! I am still trying to figure out how to work everything but I will post some other pics of Easter and such when I do! Happy Mother's Day to all!


Burk Family said...

Hey! I found you guys! Too bad I missed you while in Houston. I'm glad you updated your blog and I got to see pics of your family. Hopefully we'll be back before too awefully long. Your family is so cute and little Austin is adorable.

Tyson and Shelise said...

Happy Birthday! Austin is getting so big and so cute, I bet it is so fun to have your whole family there now!

Kevin and HolliJo said...

Yay! Happy Birthday :). We're glad you're back blogging. And Austin is getting so big and adorable. We miss you guys.

Kyle and Heidi Clarke said...

Austin is HUGE!! The last time I saw him was around last year on your birthday, remember!? Holy Hannah - he's so cute! The first year goes by way too fast. It makes me sad... Anywho, it looks like you had a fabulous birthday. I love the new summer hair cut you have- you look so hip and mommy fresh. =) Sorry to hear about your wax-burned feet, but I was laughing pretty hard. I can totally imagine you nodding your head at her in complete confusion!

Jacqs said...

Julie, a new computer, how fun! Im jeoulous! Looks like you had a good birthday and that cookie cake looks so good!

Cristina said...

happy birthday ju! I love how it was the first time in like 4 years I spent your birthday with you and we didn't get a picture together! But I am glad you like your present.