Monday, May 18, 2009

Nick's 27 & the Pack's were here!

This week has been so crazy with all the things going on. We will start with Nick's birthday- he just turned 27, so OLD! I always remind him that he is closer to 30 than 20, which means his hairs might be turning gray soon. I felt really bad because it was on Saturday and there was NO time to celebrate with the 2 showers I had to go to for Kylie, one of which I was practically in charge of. So Halie and I decorated Friday night for him and made him a card. I also went to Dessert Gallery and bought him a slice of carrot cake (so good) and set that out for him. I figured I can either pay $7 bucks for a piece of cake, or make him a whole one, probably eat it all and pretty much see the after effects on my thighs until his next bday. I paid the 7 bucks. While I was at the showers all day, he played golf and then went to see a movie with Brodie and Rob that night. For his present he got- surprise, surprise- a new golf club! He always finds a new club he HAS to have right before his birthday and he usually gets it. But I am so happy we were able to celebrate his birthday- he means everything to me. Some days I wonder how I lucked out marrying an amazing, sweet husband that adores me and Austin. I love you Nick!!

This week Halie and Kylie Pack flew into on Tuesday to see old friends before Kylie's wedding and have a few showers. It was so much fun to have them around- just like old times. Halie just got back from her mission in Thailand about 2 weeks ago. It was so interesting to talk to her about the mission and the culture- I feel like I learned so much. I also loved hearing her speak Thai to me. I always just responded with "meow" just cause for some reason it sounded like the words she was saying. She is the same Halie I loved in high school but then I see her talk about the mission and speak at church and I just don't even recognize that girl. I am so proud of Halie because she is so amazing and sweet- what an example to me! Kylie's showers were really fun and we spent a few days shopping and having girl's nights. I miss them so much. I also got to meet the fiance, who is awesome- I am so excited for their new life! I already miss them so much and so does Austin, he LOVED them while they were here. He already knows a pretty girl when he sees one....that's trouble.

A pic of the old gang- Halie, me, Sara, Mandy and Cristina

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Kelly Calvert said...

Aww! What pretty and sweet girls! I bet you guys had a blast! Im so proud of you Halie- you are awesome!