Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Summer Fever

I walk through the mall and see all the new, cute summer clothes & just can't wait to start wearing the white pants/shorts, capris and super cute sandals. This year it looks like it is all about the navy, white and gray...which I am lovin'.
Picture from Banana Republic
I love this cardigan and the striped top- the pants, not so much.

Picture from Ann Taylor Loft
I think this whole outfit is just adorable. Have a mentioned that I am in love with cardigans? Can you tell?

I am really not the type of person to go out and buy super stylish clothes; I think it is just because I don't have that perfect body that can dress in anything. I like to stick to more simple basics...Cristina is nodding her head right now (cardigans go with everything!) but I will wear any stylish, bold, crazy shoe! Maybe it's because a shoe can look good on just about anyone! Here is my shoe wish list for this summer from my favorite website to shop at, Nine West.

Remember this shoe from my Christmas wish list- well Nick did get it for me but I returned it! I got 2 of the other shoes on that list for the same price! I am beginning to regret not having them....

and here is a great deal that I got today at Dillard's! Gianni Bini shoes normally $89 on sale for $26! (I always buy my shoes on sale/for a good deal, like the unfortunate Christmas return!)

So how much longer until I can wear my summer clothes.... Labor Day!?


Emma and John said...

I am seriously in love with shoes- and a great cardigan! I love those outfits!

mandy said...

Oh my gosh! Did you really just say that you have the type of body that can't dress in just anything?!! If that's the case, then I seriously have no hope! I hate you and your very cute and very stylish self so much right now. ;)

Cristina said...

I just laughed out loud. For real. Cardigans do go with everything! Please tell H to get me those shoes for Valentines; I love them! And, I really really want those gray/black giraffe shoes you got for Christmas. They still have my size online...hint. hint. :)

Davis Family said...

see Mandy's comment for my reaction as well.