Monday, February 22, 2010

Funny little Boy

Austin has been so much fun lately and showing off his little personality. Of course, at times he makes me feel a little crazy. But it is the moments like these that I catch that always make me smile and forget whatever argument we just had. (maybe I am the child sometimes, but Austin and I do argue- we are both so stubborn!) Here is what he has been up to...

Piling his trucks on my bed one by one to play

climbing up on the couch to nap with Daddy, who he doesn't see too much lately because our family is enduring the "busy season" for accountants.

showing me his food when I ask for a smile! Seriously, who teaches him these things?

randomly putting on his crocks with no pants, grabbing blue blankey and climbing on my bed to prop his feet up to stare at the wall...? I must be really boring.

practicing his golf swing- Daddy loves this.

and this picture has an awesome story. My good friend Chelsea is pregnant and I wanted to take a 'belly shot' of her growing little tummy. Well as I took 2 or 3 I look to my left and there is Austin, patiently waiting his turn for a belly shot. So cute!

I love my little guy!!!


Kevin and HolliJo said...

How cute! He is getting so big! Good luck through the rest of busy season. Hopefully it is almost over for you guys! Wish we lived closer! Miss you!

Cristina said...

he is so freakin cute. i love him. that last picture always makes me laugh.

David and Karin said...

He is so cute! And I love those little BYU shorts in the last picture. I'm pretty sure David has the same ones haha

Janey said...

Cameron and Austin are so much alike. So cute and random!

Kyle and Heidi Clarke said...

umm... hilarious. I love him.