Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Denial

I am still in denial that this has even happened to me.
My worst fear...


Since friday this is all I have been "allowed" to do

except she looks happy & somehow content with her bed rest.

This whole pregnancy I have loved the fact that my days are filled with exercise, errands, Target, swimming & all the other mommy duties around my house. (It isn't till you are told not to move that you get the strong urge to clean something.)

Here is how is all started.. the story is long, so feel free to skim.

Friday morning I went in for my doc appointment right after my morning workout I have been doing since Day 1. This pregnancy has been a little more difficult because of how low she is and it tends to get pretty painful, all things I told my doc & he reassured me that exercise was the best thing for me.

They ask me if anything had changed in the last 2 weeks, Nope. I am only 32 weeks, which is early to start dilating, but he checks me anyways because of how low she sits. My doc then quickly starts asking me if I have been having contractions... not that I know of! When I had Austin I didn't really feel any contractions either and then got the drugs, so I am kind of oblivious to the whole labor thing.

Apparently I was in pre-term labor, dilated to a 1 1/2 and 80% effaced. He told me to go straight to the hospital to stop it & if things weren't too bad than I would leave by that afternoon. So I hop in my car & drive to the hospital, a little confused by the whole thing & hoping I could still go swimming that afternoon.

After getting hooked up at the hospital, turns out my contractions were about 2 mins apart. That is when I figured they were serious. The weirdest part was I still had no idea, my belly just felt a little crampy but the nurses would have to say, "you're having a contraction right NOW." oh....

Long story shortened.. they admitted me, stabbed me with an IV and then stabbed me again with a fat steroid shot to help the baby's lungs develop faster and told me I was staying at least for the night. My doc came that afternoon and told me how lucky we were that my appt was on Friday because I probably would have gone the whole weekend in labor and had no idea. Once I get dilated past a certain point it is very hard to stop the labor & she would have come & spent 6 weeks in the NICU with IV's, feeding & breathing tubes.

I got released from the hospital Saturday afternoon after 1 more round of steroid shots- seriously hurt. I asked the nurse if it would give the baby back hair.. she didn't really laugh. I am on bed rest till 34 weeks, when the lungs are supposed to be fully developed. That means a week from Sunday & I can't even tell you how hard it has been. I am trying my best for the baby because when I have her, I want to bring her home with me.

The best news from this weekend was seeing her again on the ultrasound and having the tech tell me that she has HAIR! Oh- I was so thrilled. I don't make babies with hair.. but I saw it for myself and it was so cute.

So think of me when you are out and about.. and maybe pick up a good crossword puzzle & Diet Coke to drop by the house.

Visitors Welcome!


Natalie said...

I'm so glad they caught it! How scary to be in labor and not even know it! (though I'm sure you'll be wishing for it when you're at an 8!) I wish I were there to bring you cokes and stuff...hang in there!

Martino Family said...

Tell me you can at least use the bathroom! Just kidding! I will check in with you tomorrow!


Janey said...

lol @ the back hair comment!

See? Labor isn't all that bad. Just go natural. lol
Glad everything turned out okay! So bed rest sucks then? Cuz we swore it would be sorta awesome.

Oh man, if I was down there I'd be at your house almost every single day and I would bring you that crossword puzzle and a fancy bottle of water (I won't support your addiction to Diet Coke). :)