Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Long Days

Nick has been working late the last 2 weeks, like 10-11pm late.

All I wonder/ask:
Is it busy season??
Why do you have to work so much??
Because that is just how it is- always a crisis.

As much as I am grateful for his job and the possibilities it holds for us...
I seriously hate his job and so does Austin.
Long days = Austin doesn't see Daddy till the weekend.

But I keep my mouth shut because I know it is harder for Nick than I realize- he loves his Bubba.
It is just these little moments that he looks forward to..

Yesterday Austin lined up his cars & pointed to one,
"This is Momma's car" (it was red with flames going down the side, I must be pretty cool)
Me-  "Where is Daddy's car?"
pause, "It's at work."
Me- "oh....well let's call Daddy to say hi!"
"No, Daddy's busy."

As for baby #2, she is doing great and moving like crazy. We will just lie in bed at night and watch my belly contort in all kinds of weird ways.

I went to the doctor today (every 2 weeks now!) and was concerned about lots of pain I have been feeling. It used to just be after I exercised & that is normal since she is heavier and it is more pressure. But now it is constant and throbbing- it pretty much just feels like she is going to fall right out.

The doc said I am not dilated, so we don't need to worry about that but suggested I wear a belly support band.
Umm.. no thanks.
If you only knew how many layers I am already wearing and it's August.
The heat is unbearable and with humidity....
I am going to just have to suck it up.


Kevin and HolliJo said...

:( Sorry. I feel your pain. And I'm pretty sure he's hating it just as much as you are. Hang in there! We miss you guys!

Janey said...

Every two weeks already!! Mark has been gone 7am-7pm for the awhile now. Occasionally 6:30, which makes a huge difference. Tonight 8pm. I feel your pain and you deal with even later!

Oh man, I had major shooting pain down my legs this time. These last weeks will now start to drag for you.