Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's a Girl's World.

Baby Girl nursery is in the works. She will probably remain 'Baby Girl' for awhile longer. I have a name picked out that I love, but just can't seem to spell to everyone's liking. For some reason people have been very opinionated about her name....and I can't stand the thought of people hating it!
Here are the options and the reasons why people hate it:

Mckayla (looks to a McDonalds menu item, or people don't like that I won't capitalize the 'k')
Makayla (looks Hawaiian, or she will always have to spell it)
Mikayla (again, she will always have to spell it or people will call her 'Mikey')


there are a number of people that tell me they like option #2 better, including my own husband:


so for now she is nameless, but that doesn't mean her nursery isn't planned to perfection!! I have it done in my head- no seriously, done. Down to what is on every wall.

Here is the bedding inspiration I have:

One side of the bumper will be this pink damask print

while the other side will be a large polka dot print.

For the bed skirt I am hoping to copy this soft, tulle look that falls to the ground.

I am on the hunt for all the fabric and have enlisted the help of my sweet friend Carolyn to show me how to sew it all together. She made her daughters bedding & it was adorable.

I recently got my glider and ottoman that I love. It isn't the Pottery Barn dream chair that was $1500, but it is good enough for 1/3 of the price. The chair itself sold me when I sat in comfortable.

Here it is set up in Austin's old room. It will be on the wall with that shelf Nick built next to the crib. The decorations, lamp and white stand have to go....
The wall color will be a powdery pink & this wall with the shelf is my accent wall. It will probably be a white, slightly silver color and have sometime of print on it.

I wanted to do wallpaper like this on the accent wall

but Nick said no wallpaper. I just love how soft and elegant it is. So I will probably copy the wallpaper with a white/silvery paint color and have someone come in and paint some type of faux damask print to copy this picture. The contrast of walls will hopefully look a little like this picture I saw

Here are a few wall decorations I have in mind:

I love this old fashion frame hung on the wall with a dress in it. I could find that at Goodwill and paint it white and then maybe hang her blessing dress in it.

want to find a big, silvery mirror to hang above my changing table (don't like much else in this picture besides the mirror and wall contrast).

the last thing I love that would be the perfect finish to her room is a chandelier like this one....

Nick told me he was "drawing the line" at the chandelier, but we will see about that. I found a really cute one at Ikea for an Ikea price!! I told Cristina, who is my biggest chandelier fan, that I was going to buy the Ikea one and gift it to myself anonymously :)

Now the pressure is on to get this all done is 4 months!


Kevin and HolliJo said...

Love it! It's going to turn out so cute! Yay :). We can't wait to meet this sweet little girl!

Amy Breeden said...

I think that Alyssa is a beautiful name, and the nursery will be so gorgeous! Can't wait to see it!

Davis Family said...

I love the bed-skirt plan...never seen one out of that fabric/length. Also I like the idea of hanging her blessing dress inside the frame. It's gonna be most beautiful when she's inside it(room, not frame). I'm excited that you get to do all this in anticipation.

mmmandy! said...

Well, if Christina is your #1 chandelier fan, then I'm #2!! You have to get it! SO cute!
I think the dress in the frame idea is my fav! It's awesome! If you need any help with stuff, let me know. (I actually like painting... how sick is that?)

PS- I still stand firm with my opinion of "Makayla".

Cristina said...

Can't wait to go find fabric with you!! I like Alyssa and Makayla, but no matter how you spell it, it's just one of those names, she will always have to tell people how to spell it.

josh and jacqs said...

julie really cute ideas!! i love it and cant wait until its done, let me know what i can help with!! Paint or whatever!! PS I like option #2

Lindsay Kae said...

Julie~~I like BOTH names (and all spellings). I'm in love with your nursery ideas, especially the polka-dot fabric and the tulle skirt! So cute. And I'm crazy about the chandelier; go with the anonymous gifting! hehe.

I hope you're feeling well. :)


Drew and Debbie Stoner said...

if you need any help let me know. it sounds great.