Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I think I got it...

Though it might have taken a good 4 months,
I think I got this whole 'Mom of 2 kids thing'.

anyone reading this post that is pregnant with baby #2...
you might just want to skip out now.

I didn't think that adding 1 more kid would be so hard,

( Austin and Kayla before church)

I hear either baby #2 or baby #3 will break you..
I am hoping mine was baby #2.

I might have cried & felt totally overwhelmed lots.
I might have wonder what the heck I was thinking to add another.
I might have even complained to my mom, husband, girlfriends, facebook and blog.

But now I think I can handle

all the poop,
all the feedings & Austin's meals,
all the unbuckling of car seats,
no free time,
no sleep,
all the prep to just leave my house,
all the potty breaks,
all the toys, bottles, snacks, wipes, diapers, binkys, burp cloths, formula, bows, shoes & blankets shoved into my purse (am I missing anything?),
2 baths a day,
3 naps a day,
6+ diaper changes a day,
multiple clothing changes a day (Kayla poops out of everything),
all the crying,
the 3 year old tantrums,
the throw up of baby items in my house,
the wiping of fingers, noses, mouths, spit up, drool & my favorite, poop

grocery shopping,
church responsibilities,
& Nick.

Where am I on that list...?


Here at the bottom.

Is it worth it?
yes, everyday.

It might have taken me 4 months to get here,
but I am
and I love it.

My friend Rachel told me that the best part of having baby #2,
is watching their relationship grow.

And she is so right.
I love that Austin gives her hugs (squeezers, as he calls it)
Kayla giggles every time she sees him,
Austin "reads" books to her
and it totally concerned about every cry or whimper she makes. 

It is the cutest time,
that will be gone so quickly.

One day I will be at the top of that list again.
But for today,
I got lots of butts to wipe,
and it doesn't get much sweeter than that.

(Austin trying to nap with Kayla)

and for updates sake,
here is Miss Mckayla at 

4 months

and 5 months

Love that little girl!


Rachel said...

I love the pictures of your cute kidos. I think you are doing an amazing job (I mean you just made it through busy season and are still sane!).

Kevin and HolliJo said...

That is so cute that about Austin and McKayla. :). I love those pictures with them together. And I can't believe how big she is getting. Glad you're feeling a little better about life. I think you're doing a fantastic job! And no worries, I'm totally freaked out about just adding 1. haha.

halie said...

i love this post! you are amazing jules. i'm so proud of you and can only imagine what a fantastic mom you are! you're kids are beautiful! i can't wait to see you next month and catch up on things!

mmmandy! said...

YAY for figuring things out and being totally awesome at handling two beyoooootiful kiddos! You're doing such a great job juggling everything! So proud of you!!

Cristina said...

this is seriously the cutest post ever. i love your babies.

and, i think you need to add a change of clothes to your overstuffed purse. kayla is going to get used to getting a new outfit all the time!!

Natalie said...

This was so good! I really needed this today. I love the little tiny "me"....so cute! You are such a wonderful mother, they are VERY lucky to have you for a momma. :)