Monday, February 28, 2011

Divine Intervention

I stumbled on this video while preparing a lesson for my laurels.
This is my husband,
golfing every single Saturday!
This is probably one of my only complaints (and a BIG one!) about sweet hubby.
Other than that, he's perfect!

Coincidence I saw this?
I think not!
So I promptly emailed the video to Nick and titled it:
"The church finally took a stand against golfing on Saturday."

His reply,
"Nice try."

It was worth a try.

As busy season comes to an end for Nick, 
I have to say the hardest part was going to church solo these past 3 weeks.

It's such a struggle to get out the door.
And actually enjoying sacrament??
No way!

So this week I decided to join my parents for church and get a few extra hands.
I manage to get myself ready and the kids out the door at a decent time!
Kayla looked extra adorable this week in her ruffled gray dress

with lace tights, pink cardigan and of course, matching bow!

As soon as I walk into sacrament, I pull Kayla out of her car seat..
and I smell the poop. 
So I stand right back up and walk to the restroom to change her.

Unfortunately it was too late.
My sweet baby had pooped everywhere 
and had destroyed her cute gray dress she had only worn for about .2 seconds.
Definitely not enough time to show it off!

So for the next 3 hours she sported this

silk bloomers.
belly cardigan.
no socks or shoes.

As I walked back into sacrament with her dress in a trash bag & her belly hanging out,
I saw lots of giggles.
Mostly from my fellow Mommas who know exactly what it's like.

I sent Nick a picture during Sunday school and he thought it was hilarious..
I think Kayla did too.

At least she had a cute bow on!

and I might have just ordered her a pair of these Lacy leggings

I'm obsessed with them.

but, shh! it's our secret.
Good thing Nick never checks our blog.


Melanie Rossi said...

I know the whole golfing thing is annoying now, but don't worry, it will work to your advantage when your in my stage of life. You can play tennis all you want when the kids are in school and he won't be able to say anything! And trust me, they'll be in school before you know it!

Cristina said...

I'm still laughing about Kayla's outfit. She was still absolutely adorable in her belly cardi!

Dave and Jana said...

I love the baby belly! I have a pair of the leggings and I can't wait till Ashtyn gets just a little bigger to wear them!

Lisa Ann said...

I am still laughing about the church outfit. And I can't help thinking that it is going to be me soon - except that with boys I won't even have bloomers, so it will be a sweater vest and diaper or something!

Kevin and HolliJo said...

Oh my goodness. That is hilarious! Thanks for making my day :). Oh and hang in there, busy season's almost over!!

Jacqs said...

love the video...!! Perfect for you guys! Kayla made a mess but she still was so cute! Sometimes i wonder why us moms try so hard! The worst was Lincoln in his blessing outfit. We did his and Marians together and in the middle of her blessing like 4 huge loud noises and of course all over his white outfit!!!