Saturday, May 7, 2011


Easter was great this year!
I loved getting the sweet baskets together for the kids
and starting new traditions with them.
Austin is getting to the age where we can try to explain the holidays to him and watch his excitement.
It's so much fun!

But to be honest,
it was a little scary to tell him that a large bunny was hopping to our house...
while he slept, to hide presents for him?

But he was sold at presents.. nothing else mattered!

Oh, and every year I ask Nick to get me an Easter basket
and I always get one for him.
Last year, I even bought myself my own basket and grass and handed it to him to fill.
Easter morning,
it was empty.
So this year I didn't get him as basket,
thinking I wouldn't get one again.
I was right.
0 for 4 Easters so far.
He makes up for it on more important holidays though!

Kayla got her little Easter dress, a white mini skirt, BYU top, cute bows, a sock monkey Grandma Simmons made and her Easter candy was.. yummy baby food.

Austin got a new place mat, BYU hat, Thomas train, a new tie (that didn't fit!), coloring book, shirt and some Easter treats!

In Nick's family the Mom always hides the Easter baskets
and when you wake up, you have to find them!
I loved it & Austin was so excited!

Easter pictures
do you see Kayla's little rolls on her thighs!? So cute!

Cute picture..
till I noticed Austin's hand! 
haha- don't tell Nick I posted this one

Take #2

Happy Momma

Easter Egg hunt at Papa and Oma's house!

Peyton, Kate and Austin with their eggs! 
Brookie wasn't feeling so great that day.

Dumping out all the candy

Austin got lots of treats and candy between the 3 Easter baskets he got!

he has forgotten about all the candy.

I have not.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!


Cristina said...

hahaha!! that picture with austin's hand is hilar!! and my mama always hid our easter baskets too! It was fun having to go find them easter morning. we never did the whole easter bunny thing - I didn't realize the easter bunny "brought" the baskets for kids until I was like 10!

Janey said...

lol, your posts always crack me up!! I swear, Cam & Austin and then Sadie & Kayla are twinners.

Referring to your last post, is it the dry air that causes huge boogers?? lol It's all I've ever known.

chelsea Wagner said...

So cute! I loved watching Austin do that Easter egg hunt!