Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Huge Booger

Have I been a blog slacker??
These things happen.

Random cute pictures...
Austin & Kayla ready for a bike ride with Nana

I have so many great stories to share..
let's just start with my blog title, shall we?

Life is busy

I know you are all wondering,
what huge booger??
My huge booger??
No, only in Utah do I get huge boogers.
(am I the only one?!)

Today at church, during sacrament...
(now you know it's going to be good)
Austin is leaned into Kayla's car seat quietly entertaining her.
Then out of no where he breaks the silence in the chapel with,
"MOM, Kayla has a HUGE booger!"

Kayla was mortified.

And Nick & I being the reverent, mature parents we are..
started laughing.
So Austin says it again, but louder.
Thanks Austin!

The best part was after church,
when a cute, older couple walk up to Nick and tell him
they loved sitting behind our little ones and their favorite part was Kayla's HUGE booger.
At least they had a sense of humor.

In his defense.. the booger was big.

Always just lookin' out for the ladies!
Austin, Sadie and Kayla

That's all for now,
i'll save the rest for later. 
I have Easter, lots of babies to introduce, a fun Utah trip with hubby & an adorable baby shower to post!


chelsea Wagner said...

So hilarious! Momma kay and nate got a good laugh too! Austin is such a good big brother. I love that boy so so much! And I love that "mortified" picture of kayla! Sadie's missin her bf. And so am I! ;)

Victor said...

Way to go Austin! You're Nana's bestest friend!