Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Weaver Wedding!!

So this post is all about my sister-in-law Chelsey, who is the final chapter of the Weaver weddings and we couldn't be more excited for her. She is marrying a guy she met in her BYU ward named Jeff, who seems to make her so happy and perfect for her, so we like him. Nick and I actually have never met him, but I did interview him on the phone for her shower... so we have "voice" met. He seemed so easy going and funny, we can't wait to meet him next week before the wedding.
One of Chelsey's benefits of having everyone married in the family is she gets lots of "advice" and "tips" from Lisa, Sally, Ruthie, Teresa and I. She decided that along with her bridal shower she wanted to have a girl's night out with the family. It was such a great idea and everyone had so much fun- it is rare that we are all in the same town together these days. So that night we all went out to BJ's and then back to my house for some girls time. Nick was kicked out of the house for the night with Austin- but he came home too early so all of us girls banished him to the bedroom! As much as I love Nick, we were just having too much fun. We played a few tell all games, opened presents and had some good healthy snacks cause Chels is on the bride-to-be diet that we all can relate to when your engaged. Here are some pictures...even baby Brooke was invited, we just covered her ears!

A few nights after the girl's shower, Lynn Moore gave her a beautiful bridal shower. She had lots of friends and family come with some great gifts. Don't you miss the wedding gifts? New, expensive kitchen stuff just handed to you left and right- it's the best. I also had a game for Chelsey where I interviewed Jeff and asked her a bunch of questions, it was fun for her and me cause I got to know him better! But in my opinion the BEST part of the shower was someones brilliant idea to get chips, queso and salsa from Pappasitos. It was so good- Sally and I pretty much ate all of it while Chelsey was busy opening gifts.

From what she has told/showed me, the wedding plans are going great- stay tuned for some pics from the wedding next weekend!

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