Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Top 5

So the title to this blog is a continuation of the last post- remember how I said our vacation had a few mishaps? Well since this was our yearly vacation and wasn't too cheap, I am not going to dwell on all the negatives and just made a Top 5 list to share- mostly because I think it's pretty entertaining. Note: this list goes in no order from worst to worstest (?), just in order of actual events in the vacation.

1. United Airlines
Our plane ride up to Utah was almost as bad as ripping toenails out one by one. Well maybe not that bad- but just hideous. It wasn't a direct flight and had a lay-over in Denver for 2 hours, which isn't horrible but I will never fly a non direct flight again with a child. Anyways- once we got to Denver we were already pretty worn out with the baby but only to find out our connection was CANCELLED! We were so ticked because they claimed the plane was malfunctioned, whatever that means. Closely after finding that out they claimed that they had "found" a plane to take us on to Salt Lake but it would be an extra few hours. First off, how do they just find a plane, like is their just an excess of planes everywhere? So we went and sat at our gate and were grouped with a bunch of dead beat teenagers right out of high school that were reporting for their first training in the military. These kids were all so so weird- tattooed, pierced, cussing, some drunk, girls that had shaved their head and probably had no interest in men....yeah. So as we are getting on the plane, we just so happened to be surrounded by them with one drunk guy behind us. The first thing he said to me was asking if we could stow Austin up above with the carry-ons. Then half way into the flight he saw me rubbing Nick's neck and asked me if I could give him a neck massage..... Then on Nick's flight home his connection in Denver was cancelled again because of a malfunction with no excess of planes anywhere to get him home. He had to spend the night in Denver and catch a flight at 6:00am Monday morning. Never fly United.

2. Golf
So half of Nick and my vacation was not together, he was playing golf somewhere and would stay the nights up in Salt Lake. In his defense this was approved by me as we planned the Utah trip, but I had no idea what I was committing to. It was so hard to be out with family and friends and be away from Nick, with no break from Austin. I know I would have been able to handle it if he had come back home every night to help put him to bed and give me a little break. By the end of the first week I was close to going insane feeling like Nick was having a great vacation and I was just doing the same stuff in a different location, which makes daily routines more complicated. On top of that Austin was way more fussy during the day then usual, but for a reason that brings me to....

3. Austin's First Tooth
Now this isn't a bad thing but like I said, he was way more cranky on the vacation. Once we felt it breaking though I medicated it much better and he acted like normal. But before that it was frustrating for him to be acting fussy when I usually can predict him to be on good behavior! Austin is such a good baby and not that I am totally selfish because I did feel bad his gums were sore! Here is a cute picture of his little tooth!

4. Zoe Died
During the time in Cedar my parents decided that Zoe had seen her last days. She was getting so old and acting skiddish- so it was for the best. But it just had to be when I was there that they decided to kill her. We have had Zoe since she was just a little bitty puppy and all our family memories include her- I was really sad but know it was right. I was selfish and told my mom I wasn't going with her to murder our dog, so she had to go to the vet's by herself. She stayed with Zoe while they gave her the sedative telling her she was loved and a good dog until she was fast asleep. She then left because she didn't want to be there when the vet gave her the murder drugs. Poor Zoe- we love you.

5. The BUG of all Bugs

While we were in Brian Head for the girl's weekend my cousins tell us that they had a "nasty" bug a few days ago but were over it and felt find. Nasty isn't much of a word to describe this bug, more like disgusting death. They described the symptoms to me and it sounded exactly like the one I got on Christmas Eve this year. It lasts 24 hours of barfing your guts and and spewing from other areas. I remember not being able to hold down small pieces of ice for more then 15 mins and having to run to the bathroom to sit on the toilet while leaning into the tub to throw up at the same time. The worst part of it is you have no warning symptoms, like my Aunt who got it the first night we were there. We were all playing cards and decided it was time for bed, all was well and 5 mins later my Aunt is in the bathroom- it had begun. It also spreads like wildfire... taking down it's victims quickly. At Christmas Sally had given it to me, who got it from Chris and I gave it to Nick, Clark and Teresa. So the next night at the cabin I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and found my mom in the bathroom. I think the only reason Austin and I didn't get it was cause I already had it and then gave Austin my immunity through breast milk- see that breastfeeding has come in handy! So for the next 2 days my poor mom was so tired and weak and I tried to take care of her while keeping a distance. Austin and I entertained each other in good ol' Cedar!

So there it is. I did have a wonderful vacation, despite the mishaps and I thought I would share.

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Janey said...

Oh my gosh, those made me lol. Good to know about not having Nick with you on vacation. I was thinking of going to visit family in Cali for a week by myself, but maybe I'll shorten it to 4 or 5 days.

lol @ the drunk guy asking you to give him a neck massage.
lol @ sitting on the toilet and having to lean over the bathtub at the same time.