Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Wedding

The wedding weekend went great and we are so excited that Chelsey is happily married. We met Jeff this week and he is just perfect for her, plus he fits into our fun/weird family so great. They are adorable together and I think it made the whole family more excited for the wedding when we got see them together and know that it just fit. Here is a run down of the weekend and them I am just attaching a link to my facebook pictures to see her wedding. On Friday morning Chelsey went through the temple and the whole Weaver family was there, except Sally. Brooke refused to continue taking a bottle about a month ago and Sally just couldn't leave her that long, we missed her.
The temple session was GREAT but no event goes without a good story. It was a bit chaotic getting to the temple in the morning because we had to meet Brodie at the Target parking lot to give him Austin after his pool route, who was meeting Jennika on her way to work to get Brayden, while Chris is wanting to meet somewhere to car pool together. All of this is getting figured out and Jeff is in our car getting a call from Chelsey saying that he was supposed to come early, while I am on the phone with the EZ tag trying to get Sally's old EZ tag in the Maxima reactivated in our name so we can take the toll road into town!'s the unplanned Weaver way. But it gets better. Chris isn't at Target to meet us so we call to find out that he is still at home tearing their house apart with Sally cause he lost BOTH of their recommends. We head out without him and Nick and I realize that our recommends aren't those new updated ones and Jeff tells us he had a hard time getting in with his old one 3 months ago. We are half way there, Chris still hasn't even left and laughs saying, "It's lookin' like Chelsey might be going through alone.." But as always, it some how all works out- we made it on time, got in and Chris makes it right in time to join us. It turned out to be a great day.
On Saturday they got sealed in the morning, then a family luncheon and a reception at the Young's house. At the sealing, we were all seated and waiting and it was taking forever for Jeff and Chelsey to come in- I never remember waiting that long....So Nick leans over to me and whispers, "If she backs out, I'm goin to play golf today" and he is totally serious. Who says that!? I hit him- hard. The luncheon was my favorite part cause Chelsey wanted each of us to stand and say a little something and some funny stories came out about Chelsey. We were all having a good time. All in all it was a great weekend and we are so happy for you Chels!!! Have a happy life and a wonderful marriage!

Here are the pictures.


Cristina said...

"If she backs out, I'm goin to play golf today"?? For real? Oh, Nick! That was kinda sad/pretty typical/REALLY funny! I'm glad she didn't back out because from the looks of the pictures, everything was really pretty!

Janey said...

Mark would have been thinking the same thing. I bet Nick was hoping she was backing out just so he could go play golf! hahaa

Carolyn Fjord said...

OH MY GOSH! I hope you punched him really hard!(I guess you can't really do that sort of thing in the temple) That is hilarious....and something Johnny would totally do/say also! I'm glad it was an awesome day and I'm sorry we missed it!

G. Sterling said...

dang, i missed out on my chance to be part of the weaver family!