Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Baby in the Family!

Jennika had her baby!!! We can all rejoice for her freedom and that the baby is healthy/adorable! He was born on Sunday the 25th, 9lbs 5ounces and 21 inches long!!! Despite all her efforts, she ended up getting a c-section again but the good news is it went perfect! The epidural worked great and she felt little pain, plus they said her scar from Brayden healed up really well. She is in high spirits and was even up for a slew up people that drove to see her at 10:00pm!!! We love you Jennika and are happy to see another adorable SIMMONS baby made by you- that's right, Brodie's genes dominated once again :)

Jennika and I at Austin's party the night before she went into labor- it's a Simmons tradition to hang out with Weavers and then the next day have a baby. Work's every time!

Brayden and Austin eating breakfast together! We got a phone call at 7:30am saying it was time to come and get Brayden cause they were heading out!! She was in labor most of the day and had the baby at 6:50pm

Brayden meeting his new baby brother!! It was funny- the baby was wheeled into the room in his little plastic carrier and within 5 mins Brayden ran full force into the side of the cart. We all froze but the baby didn't even seemed phased- it was the first of many football tackles he will have to endure and he took it like a champ.

New baby!! Brennan or Rylan Simmons! I wish you could see the dark brown hair he has under that hat!!

Here is a picture of Brayden in the hospital. There is a definite difference but they both look like a Simmons!

First Family photo!!!


Janey said...

Wait wait wait, didn't Jennika just have a baby around the same time I did??? She is a trooper. Mark won't allow it. And wasn't Brayden a gigantic newborn as well?

Julie said...

Brayden will turn 2 in July, so he is a few months older than Cameron. and yes- Brayden was 10lbs+!!!

Rotkapchen said...

Thanks so much for setting this up. I've leveraged it liberally for all my contacts (F&F=friends and family). It's so nice to know the kids have such GRRR-REAT friends. It sure makes our 'job' easier :)

Signed: Jennika's Mom