Friday, July 3, 2009


Our summer has been full of....


Some pics of Austin's hair long (..he may have had a little mullet too)

First haircut that I thought would go smoothly with a yummy sucker- I was wrong! He DID love the sucker but also loved smearing it all over his body and hair. It ended up being a HUGE mess!

Playing Outside

Austin loves his tricylce that Great Grandpa Jim sent him but he needs to grow a little to stay on! He pushes it up and down the driveway over and over again...

Here he is playing at the park

Playing INSIDE

I finally came to my sense and stopped going outside unless it involves water...

being sneaky at the computer!

Playing with his bf Peter! Peter's mom and I walk together 3 times a week and then let Austin and Peter play afterwards, they love it... but not as much as I love getting some girl talk!

Austin and Brayden being mischievous together

Yard Work

My mom and I planted flowers along our garage and pulled out all the ugly stuff. Our yard needs a make-over, so we are doing it a little bit at a time. In the meantime we just look ghetto! Our two front trees are also DEAD- I mean like rotten and hollow dead! So Nick and his Dad spent a day pulling them down with a chainsaw and his truck and then chopping them up. Nick then rented a stump grinder to get rid of the stumps and fill the holes with dirt and grass. Here are some pics of the day- it look like an explosion hit out yard. All day people kept driving by REALLY slow...

The stumps are successfully gone now and we need to fill them in still, so we just have 2 huge holes in the yard- like I said, we're ghetto these days. We are also planting 2 new trees. I'll let you know that that turns out!

Coolin' Off

Austin is enjoying his bath and posing for the camera. It is so hot here we spend lots of time in the sprinklers, pool or a nice cool bath!


Nick and Austin enjoying a grape popsicle together- so cute


Cristina said...

way to update! my favorite pic is the popsicle one, its just so sweet!

Jonathan and Kelly Calvert said...

Aw! These are so sweet! Julie, you are such a great mom. I loves these pics. Keep em' comin!