Sunday, August 30, 2009

Move it Move it

This is Austin's new obsession.....

He watches it on the computer over and over and OVER doesn't help that he figured out how to replay it with the mouse, not sure how that happened! He isn't into TV yet so this is the first thing he has watched from beginning to end. Here are a few pictures- I wish I could show you his dance moves. My favorite is when he does the head bang like a true rock star.

Things have been busy around the Weaver house, here are a few updates:

Cristina and I threw an awesome surprise party for Sarah and it was so much fun because she was actually surprised! We had such a good time and so happy we could celebrate with her!


Sarah and Fo

Our cake balls cake we made that were so delicious

The sister-in-laws together

I had put up a picture of Cristina's awesome birthday sign!

Austin is changing so much in good, fun & sweet ways but it also comes with BAD! He is discovering his opinion and tantrums so I seriously never know if I am going to wake up to a good day or bad. He is also having some major separation anxiety and clings to Nick and I at all times. Sometime I enjoy the sweet cuddle and others time I just run the other direction...does that make me a bad mommy? Here are a few fun/new things:
1. He is getting a large vocabulary with new words like ouchie, uh-oh, poo poo or pee pee, up, NO, more, vroom, achoo, baby, puppy, cookie, kitty and so on. Some of those aren't really words but it is super cute when he says them.
2. He is obsessed with cars- especially at Nana's house
3. He has lost interest in mealtime and just wants to play which makes me realize he is more of a toddler than I give him credit for
4. He folds his arms during prayer time and tries to close his eye but can't figure out how to keep them shut- so adorable
5. He knows his doctors office and screams when we walk in (yeah, learned that one the hard way)
6. He jumps off of everything expecting an invisible person to catch him, who never does.
7. Like I said, he loves tantrums which include screaming, stomping feet and my favorite- hitting.
8. He is super affectionate and loves giving hugs and kisses. Sometime when we are busy talking to people he will grab our face between his hands and kiss us over and over again. I think it is a way to get us stop talking and pay attention to him. I love it.
9. His hair is getting more coarse like big people hair- I was sad to see the baby wispys go away :(
10. He will fake sneeze and cough and does it so dramatic it is so hilarious..don't know where that came from.
So those are a few fun things and here are the pics

Thinking he is being sneaky on the chair and checking out the peas

Shoving them as fast as possible. A mom can't complain about wanting to eat peas, so I just took a picture!

Being naughty with his chocolate milk- that one was partly my fault...

Nick has been studying for the CPA like crazy and has recently taken the third section out of four. So that means only one more that he is taking the first of October! Then we finally might be done with this nightmare!
It has been miserably hot here so I have found new indoor hobbies like redecorating the house. I will have to take some before and after pics when I feel satisfied with the end results!! All of my other time has been spent babysitting for family friends that we have and it is such a fun job. The parents go out of town and I stay at their house, use their car, entertain kids/take them out to eat or swim and get paid really great to do it! I usually do it for about 3 days at a time but word is spreading and I am getting busier with a few families. I just can't say no cause the kids are way too much fun and more money to tear out our kitchen sooner! Hope everyone else is doing well!


Davis Family said...

How did he figure out how to replay it? Have you seen the computers at the library? The mouse on each is just for kids: miniature. So cute. I can't wait to see your finished products in your house decorating. I need to redo stuff but I'm not motivated. Yea for you making cash!

Cristina said...

Austin's dance moves are super sweet! Can you send me those pics of Sarah's birthday? My camera died that night