Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spooky Stuff

Halloween is right around the corner! I am not the Halloween type that gets into all the crazy decorations; I just like the nice and simple ones. I saw this pictures in one of my favorite magazines Good Housekeeping, (it has the best ideas) and I ripped the page out. Whenever I find a cute idea, picture or recipe I always rip the page out so maybe I can look back on it for inspiration. Here is the page I saw

I think the wreath on the door is so cute and looked way easy. I showed the page to my favorite crafty friend Cristina and she gave me confidence that we could do it! And we did! Here is your list of supplies:
1 brown stick (?) wreath- Garden Ridge it's $4.99
1 pumpkin- Garden Ridge $2.99
1 can matte black spray paint- WalMart $.96
1 can glossy black spray paint- WalMart $.96
1 bag of cobweb and a black spider

In total the project is $12 bucks or less and took less than an hour. We couldn't find the spider, so that will be added later. Here is our project in progress...

Here is the finished product! Mine is the first picture and then Cristina's.

It was so fun to make- thanks Cristina for making them with me! I can put it up in a week and now I just need some cute pumkins- maybe on a bale of hay? Where do you find those?


Cristina said...

Thanks for coming up with the idea! I want to put my wreath up right now! You know I'm always up for being crafty; start stocking up ideas for Christmas :)

Kevin and HolliJo said...

Oh my gosh I love it! You guys did a great job! Way to be crafty :)