Saturday, September 19, 2009

What BABY?!

I still look at my little guy and think he is such a cute baby, until I saw this pic

There is NO baby in this picture! Where did he go!? Someone help me out!

I wanted to share a few funny moments of the week...

1. I went to go see Julie & Julia with my fav movie-goer, Sally. In the movie Julie turns 30 and she starts to talk about how amazing turning 30 is. I lean over to Sally and say, "you know when I turn 30 Austin will be 10!" She just looked over at me and started laughing hysterically and responded with, "it sounds like you had a teen pregnancy!" When Sally turned 30 Kate was only 6- don't be jealous Sally that you are old and crusty! I told her it was worse, when I turn 40 he won't be there- he will be on a mission. She thought that was even better.
2. I spent Friday driving all around the Galleria at interior fabric stores with Cristina and Austin. While we were sitting in traffic we kept noticing Austin yell something and Cristina figured it out. Whenever we would stop he would yell, "GO!" or "MOVE!" I realized he learned that from me and felt a little embarrassed he was repeating it. Then 30 sec later I obviously got over it because when I got cut off I yelled, "MOVE".

Here are some cute pictures...Austin helping feed himself and then helping me do the laundry!


Rachel and Brandon said...

I cannot believe how big your little guy is getting! It is so crazy. I just also wanted to let you know you made a slight biggie, but I would change it.
"Here are some cute pictures...Austin helping feel *(I think you mean FEED haha)* himself and then helping me do the laundry!"
Anyways, you have such a beautiful family and it's funny to think that we graduated just over 4 years ago and here you are with a toddler!

Kevin and HolliJo said...

I seriously can't believe how big Austin is now. It feels like just yesterday you were telling me in WalMart that you were pregnant! We miss you guys and are so glad we got to see you and spend some time with you in Houston!

Davis Family said...

I read this, did the math and realized I'm nearly old enough to be your MOM!
Austin will be your baby until you have #2 then you'll automatically start calling him by his given name and the new one will be called baby. (No pressure.)

Martino Family said...

Yep, I don't see a baby there is sad, but there is much to look forward to, like the day they are potty trained! I can only speak from very recent experience that that moment brought me more joy than I was anticipating!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I don't swear, as I hope you assumed, but I do call out "jerk" when someone cuts me off. I also say "Come on!". These are two phrases that Quentin has learned to say (or rather repeat) in the car as well. Although, "jerk" actually comes out "churk", which makes me smile and not really care about the idiot on the road.

Enjoy every day and every word! They are not this adorable forever!

Clinton said...

And Josh wasn't even 1 when Lisa turned 30. I married an old lady.

By the way, Austin looks just like Nick lounging on that couch. I can just imagine him watching golf at Clark's house.