Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here are the pictures from Kate's all Pink Ballerina Party! It was lots of prep, work and stress but I loved how it all turned out. If you missed the invites, they are in the previous post!

Here is the food room

Some of the food and details on the table...

I think the pretzel sticks were my favorite thing we made.

The birthday girl!

The living room

Chelsea, Kate and I. I couldn't have pulled off all the decor without Chelsea- thank you so much!!

At the party, we ate

put make-up on

played musical chairs, but the girls had to do ballerina moves while the music was on. It was so cute!

Happy Birthday!


Sara said...

totally cute party, I love pink, what an awesome job, you are so sweet to do it, I'm sure you made one 7 year old VERY happy.

Cristina said...

Awesome job Ju! Turned out SO cute! Now, on to the next party :)

Janey said...

You really should become a party/shower planner. You could make money doing this.

Kevin and HolliJo said...

You did fantastic! It is super cute!