Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Beginning to Look....

a lot like Christmas! Believe it or not, it snowed here in Houston, Texas! And it wasn't just a little flurry- it actually stuck for over a day! Pretty exciting stuff for us Texans, but coming from Utah a few years ago I just remembered how I much I loved that it doesn't snow here!
All day I kept trying to point it out to Austin, but he didn't seem to notice until right before his nap when Cristina started taking these pictures. He loved it!

then Nick came home early from work so he could play with Austin, it was really cute.

I promise my child isn't homeless/poor with these mismatched clothes on!

throwing a snowball at Momma!

cold hands!

our Winter Wonderland!

It is also looking like Christmas in my house too! I have the inside decorated and nothing beats your home at Christmas time. It always feels so cozy! Cristina and I wrapped a number of the millions of presents I have- it is the 'Weaver' Christmas year and everyone is coming to town so we are buying for a total of 18 people on both sides, which doesn't include buying for Nick, Austin and I- ouch! The best part of buying for so many people is wrapping them. I am kind of obsessed with wrapping paper and just wrapping gifts in general. Sally and I have yet to open our own shop, "The Weaver Wrappers". Here are a few of my favorite gifts under the tree this year:

remember my paper from the Nutcracker market? So cute!

saw this paper at Hobby Lobby and loved it.

Happy Wrapping!


Cristina said...

those gifts are lookin good! I can't believe how much snow is coming down in that picture with nick and austin!

Daniel and Kylie said...

i wish yall were coming up to utah for christmas :( i miss the entire harris clan. your present look fabulous! one day my husband will work and make money and i want to buy cute paper and be just like you.

Sara said...

love the wrapping. man, buying for 18, yikes! One year we did 23, and we made EVERY SINGLE present, it was crazy, but I think it was the best christmas EVER! it's the best when there's TONS of people.

Leslie said...

I can't believe you had snow! How awesome.