Thursday, December 10, 2009


I made a little bit of a silly purchase.
I was at GAP and found some pjs on clearance...
and I was so enticed by the price of $5.96, I just bought them.
I mean you never find pjs for that price, especially at GAP (in my defense).
It wasn't till I put them on him that I realized how silly this purchase was.

and when Nick saw them, he just warned me that he was never allowed to leave the house in these pjs.
I guess now isn't a good time to tell him I also bought the same pair in 3T and another rainbow variation in 2T.
They were $5.96!!! I was so blinded by the price!
(did I mention they are non returnable....)

On a more girly note....
I do have a little sneak peek of Kate's 7th birthday party this Saturday. It is going to be decked out in all PINK and ballerina!!

The invites I made (the typed portion was ordered from the TomKat Studio)

lots of pink tulle and a fun banner...

and 8+ of these hanging all around the room. (they look a little sad in the pic, but with a little poof after we hang them I think it will look great!)

more pictures to come after the party!


Davis Family said...

Your husband made no rules about posting pictures our all over the internet with him wearing them. So now I'll have this picture pop in my head when I'm deliberating on a low-priced item that is priced accordingly for a good reason. Thanks to you I will be able to walk away. Can you post more when he grows into the other sizes?

Janey said...

I love the jammies!! They are way cute.

I love when you post pics of bdays and showers that you throw.

Lindsey and Jake Palmer said...

haha, I love the rainbow PJ's!! I would have done the same thing, and if you ever have a girl they would be great for her too!

Brent and April said...

No little boy who looks like his gpa could ever be denied the opportunity to wear stripey jammies. For three years..... Darling.