Monday, July 19, 2010

Letters Re-Do

I have been spending lots of time around the house doing little projects on my own, and testing out my crafty side. I have come to the conclusion that:

1. I wish I was a little more talented
2. Crafts don't work when your 2 yr old is awake
3. I look real good with a painter mask on

I am now ready to start posting some of my projects, and we will start with Austin's name plaque I have been working on.

Remember these letters from his nursery?? Well I didn't want to put them to waste, but they just didn't fit into his new room theme..

so I came up with this idea. First I had my father in law cut me a long board out of plywood & I started with spray painting the edges of it black.

Then I used one of our reject paint samples for the walls in Austin's new room and painted over the whole board.


Next I found some sandpaper in our garage and got to work on all the edges and parts of the front. I sanded on the paint to let the black show through and give it that distressed look..

I love how all the bumps and imperfections in the wood started to show through. It wasn't as distressed as I was going for, so I took a paper towel and lightly pray painted it then rubbed it on the sides.

Now that the board was done, I just needed to pick out a color for the letters and paint them. I went with navy to add a little more color to the walls and it fit in perfect with all the other colors in the room.

(they are sitting on bowls covered in grocery bags so I could rotate them without leaving finger prints on the letters. I probably could have done it an easier way but like I said, I'm not that crafty)

Once the letters dried, I had Nick use some wood glue to mount them onto the board & then hang it on the wall. Here is the finished product!

I am not in love with the truck picture hanging below the plaque, so when I find something better I plan on switching it out.

His room is done, I just need to finish hemming the curtains and I will post pictures of it next!

and here is the most recent belly picture I have..
Mommy 6 months with Baby Girl and Austin!

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mmmandy! said...

"but like I said, I'm not that crafty"... what.EVERRR!!! Love what you did with his letters. It looks awesome!
Everytime I look at your latest belly pic, I get more excited about the maternity shoot. You're just so dang cute! :)