Friday, July 23, 2010

Potty Training Day 2

I am writing this post on our 3rd day of potty training and I am going to pretend that I didn’t just clean up #2 from his cute Buzz Lightyear undies, while venturing away from my house to Target.

Let’s just celebrate the good news of our 2nd day.

The potty training started again as soon as he woke up. We made such great progress for our 2nd day. He had a few minor accidents where he forgot but was able to tell me and then finished on the potty.

Here I am reading a book to him on the potty (for the 100th time), while he enjoys an apple juice slush. I make him lots of smoothies too, which has helped.

My day looked a lot like this….

(notice my fabric ottoman covered in a blanket, I just couldn't risk it!)
I think I have watched ‘Happy Feet’ 6 times in the last 2 days. Apparently it is the movie choice for this week.
But I have yet to tell you the BEST part of my day!! We hadn't had a #2 since potty training started, so I knew it was coming but not so sure how...

Around dinner time I started noticing that he needed to go but was really unsure of it. I think the being naked made him even more nervous/scared.

We went to the potty about 3 times...
and he even paced infront of it a few times, I started feeling a little guilty.

He then tried to climb onto the changing table to search for a diaper. I kept telling him he could do it & finally he gave in and sat on the potty!!

We had a big celebration and as promised he got his Twizzlers and a new toy...

one happy little boy.

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