Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Potty Training Day 1

I have been putting off potty training Austin for a good month now. I totally feel he is ready but the image of chasing him around the house with rags and cleaner gives me nightmares.

I finally got up the courage today after his nap. Here was the plan:

- put him in underwear right away
- explain to him that everytime he goes pee pee he gets a special treat, which was Twizzlers. The package was set on his bathroom counter to remind him.
- if he went poo he got a very special treat that I have yet to show him & a Twizzler. I have an assortment of cheap airplanes & motorcycles he would go crazy for.

So here we go!!

He woke up from his nap & was thrilled to show off his Cars underwear

we set the oven timer for 20 mins....

try #1
no luck.

20 mins later...

Try #2 with his favorite trucker book
again no luck.

20 mins later....

Try #3 with a smoothie I made him that he wanted to finish on the pot.
again no luck.

It wasn't until right before my 20 mins rang again that he ran to me frantic that he had to pee. So we rushed to the bathroom only to find out that he had already gone in his underwear.

I couldn't complain, there was pretty much no mess and he had really tried!
The only thing he didn't understand is why he didn't get a Twizzlers for peeing... it just happen to be in his pants.

So after,
1 Tantrum,
lots of gatorade,
1 orange popsicle,
lots of reading in the bathroom
3 more unsuccessful trips...

we finally got it!!

you can see him enjoying the Twizzler treat!

He was thrilled and I was ecstatic. The things that make you jump for joy....

The final tally of Potty Training Day 1 is:

1 accident followed by 3 successes!! We put him in a diaper for nighttime and will try again tomorrow morning...


Cristina said...

WOOHOO Bubba! LOVED that picture with him and his trucker book. Uncle Houston would be proud. Now all he needs is a laptop!

Amy Breeden said...

Wow! That went really smoothly. Kudos to you!

Lindsay Mecham said...

so funny!