Monday, November 9, 2009

What I am Wishing For

Here are a few things I am wishing for this Christmas...

Kitchen Aid Mixer in Black- so DONE with the hand mixer, I need the real deal! Hopefully this is my 'Santa' gift from my hubby.

Fun Baking Stuff

Sexy Shoes! There is just something about a hot pair of shoes that I will never get over. I am loving Nine West right now.

I died when I saw these- I will purchase them if they make it under the tree or not!

Isn't this an adorable summer shoe? I could wear it to church with a white or khaki skirt...

A new Scent- smells so good.

Cardigan from Express- I helped Houston buy this for Cristina for her birthday and haven't stopped thinking about it. Click here for a better picture.

That's all for now!


natsprat said...

Oooh, I have a kitchen aid mixer, I would DIE without it! I hope you get it!!! Way to post it on your blog, I'm sure he'll get the hint. ;) I love sexy shoes, too! Ow ow owwww! Those are HOT!

Cristina said...

no wonder you want a kitchen aid, your hand-mixer is crazy and on steroids!! and I am loving those shoes!! one of these weekends coming up will you take me to the outlets you always go to? I need to knock out some christmas shopping.