Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy Busy

Here is what I've been up to!

Yummy southern Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It was so fun to be together, the food was delish and I made my first pie crust, which turned out sooo good. We made it in the food processor- a little different but I would never do it any other way! My Dad also deep fried the turkey....I could eat that all day.

I took my chances and headed out on black friday at 6:30am. This is pretty much what I walked into at Walmart.

It was totally NOT worth it. The store was so ransacked that I couldn't even find where the movies I was looking for were supposed to be. The only positive was hitting 4 different stores and shopping by MYSELF and it was still only 7:30 when I was done!
Here is what I learned about Black Friday- don't go in the morning, go in the afternoon! Nick and I went out again around 2 to WalMart, the store was calmer and the electronics section was full of carts with return items in them. Just dig through their carts and check up at customer service- we found everything we were looking for! Then we did the same thing at Target and found lots great deals/presents. It turned out to be a good day.

I also put out my Christmas decor. My tree is so pathetic, it's not even fun to put it up. I am demanding a good tree after Christmas this year when they go on clearance. But I do love my it helps. Here are some decorations I drool over at Pottery Barn

love it.

I have so much wrapping stuff right now I would LOVE this. You can never have too much ribbon or wrapping paper (that's why I am going to Costco tomorrow to hunt for more!)

Hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit!


Cristina said...

I saw the coolest gift wrapping container/station in the pottery barn catalog. It was almost 300 dollars!

Janey said...

Aargh Pottery Barn! I love it way too much!

Are the Wal-Marts busier there on Black Friday than here?