Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad Knee & Bad Mom

Nick has been complaining the last few weeks that he did something to his knee but I have kinda been ignoring it.

If you are a man and your last name ends in 'Weaver', then you have what Sally, Ruthie and I (my Weaver sister-in-laws) lovingly refer to as the dramatic gene.

(Jason, Nick and Chris at our wedding)

I have never seen men act so dramatic about things, especially golf & money- oh man.

The last few days the complaining has been more frequent, so I mention maybe we should call the doctor and he immediately refuses.


Then I get out of him why- he is worried about what the doctor will say about him playing golf every week.

Oh really!?

I told him I was calling today.

And on my 'Mother of the Year' moment:

Today I went to Sam's to eat some lunch (I was real desperate) and Austin was acting like a wild animal.

He wouldn't sit to eat his hot dog and just did laps around our cart or threw napkins at me. So I finally gave up and ignored him, since he wasn't bugging anyone else and my pizza was getting cold.

Then a woman walked up to me and handed me a business card for a Day Care Center here is Sugar Land.


Way to say, "hey you suck at being a mom, so maybe just drop him off here for the day."

The best part is that I am pregnant with another one.

(this picture is seriously funny/creeps me out a little)

His new tricks are: full blown tantrums and rolling his eyes at me. How does a 2 year old know how to roll his eyes?? Austin does, please tell me this is normal.


Amy Breeden said...

Don't feel bad Julie! You are an AWESOME mother. We ALL have moments like that! And I guarantee you there isn't a two year old anywhere that doesn't throw tantrums...and lots of them.

Chris and Sally said...

I would rather have Brooke roll her eyes than punch me. Kate rolled her eyes all the time when she was little. I think it is so cute. And the Weaver drama is pretty serious. Where do you think they got it from? Clark?

Cristina said...

haha!! Love your Austin story. My fav part is that you gave up because your pizza was getting cold! Perfect excuse to me; Sam's pizza is totally worth it!