Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ouchy Momma

It’s all about the ‘ouchy’ these days. There is always one to be pointed out & he will tell anyone that listens.

“ouchy toe.”

“ouchy knee.”

“ouchy head.”

(in the top right corner)

The ‘ouchy head’ is my favorite. He got it at Babies R Us when I picked up my chair & Chelsea was supposed ;) to be keeping an eye on him. Apparently he ran right into the corner of some furniture and had the biggest purple knot on his head immediately after.

The next day when I asked about his ouchy, he tells me that Chelsea hit him. I had a good laugh but I think it made Chelsea a little sad.

In GOOD news..
Nick gets back tomorrow from his golf vacation in Utah after being gone since Monday.... I survived. Barely.

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mmmandy! said...

Poor neglected and beaten kid! I love Mr. Austin, ouchies and all!